Where is the Camera on My Smart TV?

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Updated February 10, 2023

Some smart TVs (especially top-rated TVs) feature a camera and microphone, making it easier for users to make video calls to their families. The microphone often enables voice recognition as well.

You can control the device with your voice, and some of these smart TVs even come with built-in speakers so you can enjoy music as well. With device connectivity becoming more important, many new devices are compatible with smartphones, allowing you to sync your device data across multiple platforms.

However, smart TV owners have been asking where the camera is on my smart TV. This question stems from the fact that hackers can get into some smart TVs and use the camera.

Unauthorized access to these smart TVs can happen if a cybercriminal gains access to the Wi-Fi network to which the TV is connected. This unauthorized internet access can allow hackers to manipulate settings and gain control, including being able to use cameras and microphones embedded in the device. It is important for people who own smart TVs to understand how they are vulnerable and protect themselves from unauthorized access. If you are concerned, you can also check out how to hack a smart TV camera and learn how to protect yourself.


  • Smart TVs may contain a camera, which can be found on the top edge of the TV.
  • These TVs may also include microphones or collect viewing data.
  • The options to turn off each of these features typically reside in the settings menu.

Where Is the Camera on a Smart TV?

The best smart TV will differ from person to person, based on needs and wants. For instance, some people want to have a camera and microphone on their TV for video calls. The camera may be positioned in a similar location to the front-facing camera on a smartphone. A camera is one of several differences you will find between a regular TV vs a smart TV.

The webcam must be compatible with the TV. It is also important to understand the basics of webcam security, as it can be vulnerable to hacking and other malicious activities. Additionally, for those who are privacy-conscious, webcam covers are available to block out or limit the view from others.

Consumers can find the camera on a smart TV by looking for a little circle where the lens is situated, typically on the top edge of the TV. By putting the camera on the top of the screen, brands ensure that the camera can see the user, who will presumably sit directly in front of the TV, given the opportunity.

camera up close

Additionally, the camera should see a relatively broad view of the opposite side of the room. While you’re on a call using your TV, if you notice your camera quality is looking blurry, it’s probably time to wipe down your TV, if you’ve already learned how to clean a flat screen TV.

These TVs are newer and use more advanced technology, if you need a secondary TV, you may want to check out what a DLP TV is. They are no longer being manufactured, but you may be able to get a deal on one.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about the TV collecting data on you like smart TVs. However, they lack the display capabilities of modern TVs as well as access to software updates and other features provided by smart displays. If you want a display that can be updated with new software or apps, your best bet is to look into getting one of the newer models.

What Other Aspects of Smart TVs Collect Data?

The microphone on a smart TV may use your voice control to gather more information about you as a viewer. For example, every time you tell a smart assistant to do something, your voice is sent to a server to search for the proper action. Many brands state that they do not save this information on the server. However, someone nefarious can easily hack the microphone as they would the camera.

Most smart TVs also include automatic content recognition (ACR.) ACR uses data from the TV to collect information about your viewing habits. This feature works much like the recommendations on Hulu or Netflix, but it takes the data from multiple streaming services and apps.

For example, Princeton and the University of Chicago researchers found that 69 percent of Roku channels and 89 percent of Amazon Fire TV channels tracked what was being watched.

Smart TV data collection results

How Do You Turn Off the Camera and Microphone?

TV settings typically control the camera, microphone, and ACR features. They also control things like language. So, if you discover your TV is in Spanish, you can always adjust or change the language settings to your preferred language. In one warning, the FBI recommended putting tape over the camera on your smart TV to help protect your privacy. However, that method may be unnecessary for some smart TVs with cameras that consumers may push down into the bezel. You would have to get up when you wanted to use the camera for both of these methods. You can also find additional settings for your camera under the “Settings” menu.

More smart TVs contain microphones compared to smart TVs with cameras, including many of those TVs with cameras. To use the microphone, you usually need to activate voice control during setup and then say a voice command. These commands activate the various virtual assistants. Whether you say “Okay, Google” or “Hey, Siri,” you use one of these commands. To avoid the microphone listening for these commands, you may disable the microphone. This option, much like the camera, must be turned on during set-up, though some TVs circumvent that. However, the setting for microphones should be found in the “Settings” menu. Additionally, if either the camera or microphone is malfunctioning, you may notice the OPC light blinking. You can read our article to learn more about what OPC is on your TV.

STAT: Researchers at Princeton and the University of Chicago found 69 percent of Roku channels and 89 percent of Amazon Fire TV channels tracked what was being watched. (source)

How Do I Protect My Viewing Data?

Viewing data collection came under the spotlight when Vizio circumvented its privacy policy to collect viewing information. To prevent your TV from collecting your viewing data, you can usually find information about the options through the “Settings” menu. Many brands place these settings under “Privacy” or “Viewing Information.” Also, don’t forget to delete your personal information before donating a TV or getting rid of it.


Can people hack a smart TV to spy on You?

Your smart TV could be hacked if the hacker is on the same network as you. To protect your network, consider applying a password.

Can I see when the camera is turned on?

Most smart TVs with cameras do not include an indicator that the camera is on. However, some of these TVs have a camera that can be pushed down into the bezel, allowing you to block its view.

Can I tell when the Microphone is listening?

Some smart TVs have a microphone symbol that shows on the TV when it’s listening. Others have an indicator light. However, if your TV is listening through your microphone, it will typically respond to your command.

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