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As a brand that has been manufacturing air conditioners since 2003, Tosot has over time proven itself as a reliable manufacturer, and its 8000 BTU window air conditioner does well to maintain that reputation. Backed by an energy star rating for its energy efficiency, the Tosot window air conditioner doesn’t need that much power to run, and is also able to effectively cool an area as large as 350 sq ft. The window air conditioner combines three functions into one, as it is able to cool, fan and also dehumidify the air in your living room or bedroom. If you’re looking for the best air conditioners under $300, then your search might have just come to an end.

Why We Like It – TOSOT 8 000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

Have a 350 square foot room that needs a bit of temperature control? The 8000 BTU window air conditioner is more than fit to do the job. The air conditioner comes with a reusable filter, a remote control, 3 different functions, and a sleep mode for when you need it to be super quiet.

  • Remote control has a thermostat
  • Energy star rating for energy efficiency
  • Stylish, modern design
  • Short 1 year warranty


As should be obvious by now, this Tosot window air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 8000 BTU, and features three modes that you can use to improve the quality of air in your space. Like the homelabs 14 000 btu portable air conditioner, it has a fan mode, a cooling mode and a dehumidifier setting which regulates the humidity in the air. For those that want to have it in their bedroom, the Tosot AC unit also comes with a sleep mode where it circulates cool air across your room, and does so at the lowest noise level so that you can sleep without any disruptions.


Most people would agree that the Tosot air conditioner looks a lot different from most window air conditioners, and this is because it sports a sleek modern design that’s also sure to compliment your home decor, whether you place it in your living room or your bedroom. It’s not as easily mobile as the serenelife 12 000 btu portable air conditioner, so it’ll have to be stationed at whichever window you choose to have it in. For added convenience, the Tosot window AC also comes with a remote control that you can use to adjust its settings without walking up to it, and a light touch control panel for easy operation.


There’s one nifty feature that the Tosot air conditioner comes with that sets it apart from the rest, and it has to do with its remote control. Unlike the frigidaire ffra0511r1e 5 000 btu, its remote comes with a thermostat that allows the Tosot AC unit to pick up on the temperature exactly where you are, and adjust its settings so that its cooling or fanning is effective enough for you to feel it right from your couch or bed. This ensures that the air in all your room is properly conditioned, and with two separate horizontal louvers, you’ll be able to have air blown into two separate directions.

TOSOT 8 000 BTU Window Air Conditioner Wrap Up

Tosot window air conditioners are well known for their remarkable design and cost-saving energy efficiency, and the 8000 BTU version is no exception. Go ahead and check it out on Amazon, and you’ll be surprised with how many positive customer reviews have been left by satisfied buyers.

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