Super Smash Bros Ultimate Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Some people like party games that involve dice and boards, other people prefer video games. And Nintendo is an excellent purveyor of party games, just look at one of the best Nintendo Switch games, Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Want to face off with your friends, dishing out fists and magic? Play Smash Ultimate with up to 4 of your friends on one Switch console. This iteration of Smash is the best one yet and certainly earned on many gamers’ best video games list.

Why We Like It – Super Smash Bros Ultimate

The current iteration in the Super Smash games, now mobile and with new characters from Nintendo’s cast of characters—and from other IPs—new modes, combos, stages. In other words, the ultimate form of Super Smash Bros.

  • Fast-paced fighting game
  • Supports 4-player couch co-op
  • You can use Gamecube controllers
  • More fun with friends


Super Smash Bros has been around for a long time, since the days of the Nintendo 64, and has always been known for tight controls. Super Smash Ultimate continues that legacy. Timing jumps, combos, wall-jumping, and so on feel so responsive. Framerate is kept consistent when the Switch is in docked and handheld mode. That’s absolutely key for all fighting games, but this one in particular has a huge tournament scene, with an emphasis on competitive play. And with that action comes more stages, more characters, more items, and modes like Classic Mode and Adventure Mode. It feels like the ultimate form of Smash Bros, compared to the last iteration on the Wii U.

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Every character has been lovingly recreated for the Smash Bros scene. Every attack, combo, dodge—all animations look great and fluid. Even characters that aren’t originally from Nintendo—the crossover characters—feel like they move how they would in their own worlds. Every stage feels unique enough that you’ll often have favorites, whether it’s because of the aesthetic or extra challenge it poses. Isn’t as pretty as the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, but Nintendo often aims for style over graphical fidelity, and for the majority of the time that has worked in their favor.

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From person to person, the value Super Smash Bros Ultimate represents does fluctuate—but never negative. You get a tonne more value with friends. If none of your friends enjoy it or you don’t have any, Super Smash Bros Ultimate does lose a bit of its charm. There’s a single player mode, but Smash is primarily a party game; it’s just so much fun to play Smash with friends. It even supports 4-play couch co-op! And if you’re missing a controller or two, you can always use Gamecube controllers. It tries to be as inclusive as possible, and we love that about it.

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Wrap Up

While Super Smash Bros Ultimate is much better with friends, it’s still fun to play on your own. You’ll need to if you’re into the tournament scene. Its face-paced fighting is addicting and a whole lot of fun, thanks to a great gameplay loop and plenty of features to mess with. If you’re short a controller for that fourth friend, use Gamecube controllers.

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