Sony PlayStation 4 Slim Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Sony loves to minituraize their consoles. We saw it with the PS2 and PS3, and now the PS4 gets the same treatment. Introducing the PlayStation 4 Slim, it’s already on the road to being the best gaming console. Why? Well, it may be slimmer but it’s packing the same powerful hardware and one-way ticket to impressive exclusives like God of War (2018) and Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Why We Like It – PlayStation 4 Slim

A slimmed down version of the original Sony PlayStation 4, but underneath its smaller interior are all the same hardware components that made the PS4 such a premium gameplay experience like HDR, multiplayer and an excellent exclusive library. If you are searching for a serious 3D gaming experience, click the Sony PlayStation 3D display review.

  • Excellent video game exclusives
  • Great way to experience VR
  • Same power as original PS4 but slimmer model
  • 4K resolution limited to PS4 Pro model


The PlayStation 4 Slim is a beast of a machine, offering incredible 1080p gaming with HDR support (with the right television) and high frame rates. In fact, the new PS4 Slim isn’t any different from the original PlayStation 4; it’s sporting the exact same specifications but in a package that’s 30% smaller. You still get an 8-core X86 AMD Jaguar CPU, 1.84 T-flops, AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next Engine GPU and 8GB of GDDR5 RAM.

What it can’t do is play in 4K, which is a bummer—and that includes the lack of a 4K Blu Ray player. Only the PS4 Pro model and Microsoft Xbox One S have 4K resolution support. It lacks portability like the Nintendo Switch Gaming Console. Another console that offers immersive 4K gaming is in our Xbox One X review.


This new console doesn’t stray far from the original model in terms of design. The PS4 Slim has the same general shape, the sloping angles and trapezoid design, but the edges and corners have been smoothed out for more rounded edges. The power and disc drive buttons have been moved to the left-hand side while two USB ports still exist on the right-hand side. What design difference between the Slim and original model is the lack of optical audio output. The hard drive itself is either 500GB or 1TB—depends on the model you purchase.


So, the PlayStation 4 Slim is smaller than the original PS4. Why bother? Two words: virtual reality. Compared to an Oculus Quest Gaming Console, the PS4 Slim has more power and its library is impressive. The PlayStation VR Headset is sold separately and goes anywhere between $350-450 for a bundle; the Quest is $650. Either way you’re spending less compared to the powerful PC rig you’d need to enjoy VR. Of course, we can’t forget about exclusives outside of VR like God of War (2018), Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Spider-Man (2018), in addition to great third party titles.

PlayStation 4 Slim Wrap Up

The PlayStation 4 Slim really is just the original PS4 model in a smaller shell—that’s it. All the hardware is the same and will play exactly like a thicker PS4. What it won’t do is play like a PS4 Pro, which has 4K support and more power. What the PS4 Slim can do for you is offer you a doorway to incredible games for a cheaper price.

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