Sansui 40-Inch 1080p FHD DLED TV Review

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Updated January 25, 2023
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Looking for the best 1080p TV? The Sansui 40-Inch 1080p FHD DLED TV is worth another look. It has a slim LED display with a good video picture. It’s a very thin flat-screen TV that is light and very easy to wall mount. It’s a good mix of old and new with both HDMI and VGA ports. Read on to find out what is on offer, but first, take a minute to look at our best TVs list.

Why We Like It – Sansui 40-Inch 1080p FHD DLED TV

The Sansui 40-Inch 1080p FHD DLED TV, made by Circuit City, is a good size and good price for a basic 1080p TV. Its LED TV technology gives the display a great-looking picture, and there are a lot of input ports for maximum flexibility. For another option with great picture quality and the added benefit of smart TV functionality, check out our Samsung N5200 review or our Samsung M5300 review. Don’t forget, to have the best viewing experience; you need to keep in mind the relation of the tv size vs distance you watch from.

  • Affordable; Circuit City brand
  • Many connections: 3 HDMI, USB, VGA
  • Very little power consumption
  • TV stand is hard to install
  • Sound quality isn’t great
  • Amazon reviewers report receiving broken units


The Sansui S40P28F is a basic full HD LED TV with great picture quality and a vivid color range that makes TV shows, sports games, and films look their best. But for those looking for a budget-friendly smart TV with more features, check out our TCL 32S327 review, as it may be the best choice. However, the Sansui has a 60hz refresh rate, which is good for video games. In that case, you’ll want to learn the best height for a TV if you’re setting this unit up for regular game playing. 

While not the higher-end OLED technology, DLED TVs still clearly show details and clear pictures. Its capabilities are similar to the LG 22LJ4540 TV. However, if you do want to see what an OLED TV offers, you can read our LG CX review. You can also check out our Samsung Frame 43 review for a model that doubles as artwork when you aren’t watching TV.

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The sound on the Sansui is okay, but many Amazon reviewers said they purchased external speakers for better audio quality. The sound level is fairly loud for a flat-screen TV. For a TV with better sound, you can check out our Sony XBR65X900F review, which also has a range of other sizes with the same specs in case the 65-inch model is too large for your space. In that case, you may be asking how do I get my TV off a wall mount so I can replace it. 

Alternatively, you might be wondering if a wall mount vs a TV stand is better instead.

Smart Features

This unit is not a smart LED TV and does not have built-in wifi, nor an ethernet port. If you aren’t tech-savvy and don’t want to fiddle with smart TV setup, then the Sansui S40P28F is perfect for you. However, if you want to upgrade this to a smart TV, you can follow our guide on how to make a TV a smart TV. Additionally, if you want a larger screen, check out our Sceptre TV review. But if you’re looking for something to add to your smart home, check out the Sony X900E TV or read our Skyworth E20300 review and see which fits your needs best.

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The Sansui is very flexible, with 3 HDMI ports, VGA, and USB, all perfect for hooking up gaming consoles, Blu-Ray players, and your cable box. With the VGA port, you can even use this TV like a computer monitor. For more connectivity, the TCL 40S325 also has Bluetooth so you can connect wireless headphones or use your phone to stream content. And if you are looking for a small TV with Wi-Fi, check out our Samsung M4500 review.


At $190 for a 40-inch flat screen, the Sansui HD TV isn’t too expensive. It doesn’t have smart features, which decreases its value, but it’s still a good buy for someone who isn’t super tech-savvy, or just doesn’t want to mess with setting up a smart TV. The Sansui also comes with a 6-foot HDMI cable, other accessories, and a 1-year warranty. Most importantly, the Sansui has lower power consumption than other 1080p TVs on the market, increasing your overall savings. For another affordabe option with added smart TV functionality, you can read our Samsung M5300 review. You can also check out our best Insignia TV guide for more budget-oriented options.

Sansui 40-Inch 1080p FHD DLED TV Wrap Up

This Sansui unit is a pretty good LED HD TV at a pretty good price. Its biggest downside is that it’s not a smart TV, but it’s good for anyone that just wants the basics. If you’re looking for something to add to your smart home ecosystem, check out the Samsung Electronics UN32N5300AFXZA 32″ 1080p Smart LED TV.

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