Which brand has the best TVs? Samsung Vs. Vizio.

Television shopping, especially big screen television shopping, can be a little intimidating with the variety of screen resolution options, screen sizes, and Smart TV features. While it’s tempting to pick the biggest, cheapest TV you can find, you could end up with an off brand that won’t give you the features you want. Comparing some of the top television brands — such as Samsung vs. Vizio — can help you narrow your list of contenders to the best brand of large screen television. See how Vizio and Samsung TVs stack up against each other in the following nine categories. Then make sure to check out our best 65-inch TVs.

Samsung vs Vizio Comparison


  • Screen Sizes

  • Display Technology

  • Display Resolution

  • Image Quality

  • Audio Quality

  • Smart TV Options

  • Physical Size

  • Ports

  • Price


  • Screen Sizes

  • Display Technology

  • Display Resolution

  • Image Quality

  • Audio Quality

  • Smart TV Options

  • Physical Size

  • Ports

  • Price

Screen Size

Samsung 88 inch TV
One of Samsung’s largest televisions is an 88 inch curved screen model, the UE88JS9500.

Both Samsung and Vizio offer a wide range of screen sizes, giving consumers plenty of options to fit their budget. For example, the Samsung JU7100 series offers seven screen sizes, ranging from 40 to 85 inches.  The company also offers an 88-inch 4K model, as well as a 110-inch model.

Vizio’s M series of TVs has eight units, ranging from 43 to 80 inches. Samsung offers more curved screen televisions than Vizio TV, although the jury is still out as to whether curved screens provide better performance.

Winner: Samsung, because of slightly larger screen options and more options at each screen size.

Display Technology

Neither Samsung nor Vizio currently offer an OLED screen display technology, such as what LG offers as pictured here.

Both companies make use of LED-LCD display technology primarily. Samsung released an OLED TV a few years ago, but hasn’t done much with the technology since. And for Vizio, OLED technology is still too expensive to fit into its low priced branding strategy.

Winner: Tie. Until one of these manufacturers commits to OLED, they both rely on the same LED-LCD technology to sell TVs.

Display Resolution

Samsung SUHD TV
Samsung offers a TV resolution that it has branded as SUHD, but it’s just the company’s name for 4K TV resolution.

All of the major large screen TV manufacturers have embraced 4K, or Ultra HD resolution, in a big way, and Samsung and Vizio are no exception. You can find HD resolution televisions from both manufacturers at a discount of about 25% to 40% to their 4K resolution units. Samsung heavily pushes its branded “SUHD” TV set technology, but don’t be fooled. It’s just the manufacturer’s Ultra HD, or 4K, display resolution. It has nothing to do with screen technology, and it’s not really different than 4K options from Vizio.

Winner: Tie, as the Samsung vs. Vizio comparison here is a dead heat.

Image Quality

Samsung UN55JS8500 TV
The Samsung UN55JS8500 TV offers extremely strong image quality.

Image quality can be a personal preference. I know what kind of screen quality I like; you know what you like. So let’s rely on organizations that use scientific testing, like Consumer Reports, to determine the best image quality of large screen televisions.

Samsung consistently scores at the top of the charts for televisions, both for HD and 4K resolution models, regardless of screen size. Vizio’s early models had some image quality problems, but the current models of Vizio TVs score well in terms of image quality for HD resolution sets.

Vizio’s 4K performance in terms of image quality is considered average by the majority of ratings services. If Vizio’s past performance is any indication though, the manufacturer should make steady improvements in its 4K image quality in future models.

Winner: Samsung, because the manufacturer consistently ranks at the top of the charts in image quality.

Audio Quality

Vizio Sound Bar options
To improve the audio quality in a large screen television, consider adding a sound bar, such as this Vizio model.

Large screen televisions don’t have very good audio quality with the built-in speakers, so you may want to plan on purchasing a sound bar or a speaker system for the TV for a better sound system. However, if you want to rely on the built-in speaker in your Vizio or Samsung television, we’ll once again rely on testing organizations to determine the best TV sound quality. Neither manufacturer provides above average audio quality with the built-in speakers, but Vizio televisions are ranked below average more often than Samsung models.

Winner: Samsung, although neither Samsung nor Vizio have above average audio performance from the built-in speakers.

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Smart TV Options

Vizio Internet Apps Plus
Vizio’s Internet Apps Plus Smart TV feature has greatly improved the performance of Vizio Smart TVs.

Any TV that has built-in Wi-Fi and can accept streaming services is considered a Smart TV. But each TV manufacturer has its own interface for accessing apps.

Vizio’s Internet Apps Plus Smart TV interface is quite an improvement from the early days of Vizio’s Smart TV options, which were well behind other manufacturers. Vizio Internet Apps Plus is easy to use with a great interface featuring tiles that fill the screen or that scroll across the bottom.

Conversely, Samsung is using the Tizen interface on its Smart TVs, offering tiles that scroll across the bottom of the screen. Tizen provides smart features compatibility with some smartphones and tablets, which the Vizio offering cannot do. To see what these TVs are capable of, read about the best smart tv and learn all about them.

Winner: Samsung, because Tizen is a little more advanced than Internet Apps Plus. However, manufacturers are constantly tweaking their Smart TV systems, so it’s worth testing the latest versions before you choose.

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Physical Dimensions

Samsung Thin TV
Large screen televisions are typically very thin, measuring between 2 and 3 inches in depth.

Every large screen television these days is pretty thin as screen technology allows this to be possible, especially compared to the old CRT behemoths from more than a decade ago. On average, Vizio and Samsung large screen TVs have a similar depth. For example, both Samsung and Vizio’s latest 75 inch model measures 2.5 inches in thickness. When comparing weights of TVs from the two manufacturers, it varies as to which manufacturer’s sets are lighter, depending on screen size. There is the Vizio portable TV however.

Winner: Tie, as both manufacturers make extremely thin units and neither has a clear cut advantage.


Vizio TV Ports Options
Vizio televisions usually offer more HDMI ports than models from other manufacturers.

Modern large screen smart TVs offer a variety of ports, including HDMI, USB, Ethernet, and component audio/video. Although it’s not the case with every Vizio model, many of the manufacturer’s televisions offer five HDMI ports, which is great for attaching set top boxes, gaming systems, and audio systems, while still having a port or two left over. Samsungs TVs usually offer three or four HDMI ports. Samsung units usually offer multiple USB ports, slightly more on average than Vizio models.

Winner: Vizio, because no one wants to run out of HDMI ports on their TV, and Vizio models typically have more than other manufacturers’ sets.

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Vizio Best Price TVs
Vizio televisions typically offer the lowest prices among the major brands in the industry, including sub-$1,000 prices for 55 inch models.

Vizio entered the large screen TV market several years ago as the low price alternative to other television sets, and it has maintained that moniker as its brand has grown. Vizio units offer decent image quality and performance for a really good price, often some of the lowest prices in the market at all screen sizes. As mentioned above, Samsung units will usually outperform Vizio 4k TVs, but you’ll have to pay more for that extra performance.

Winner: Vizio, as Vizio usually offers the lowest prices among the major name brands.

Samsung Vs. Vizio TVs: Overall Winner

Both are great TV brands, but I have to give the edge to Samsung TV in this comparison of Samsung vs. Vizio televisions, but the gap between the two manufacturers has closed significantly from the beginning of the decade. While Samsung maintains strong image quality and a great Smart TV interface, Vizio has made up ground in recent years, improving picture quality while maintaining some of the lowest prices in the industry. So the whole Vizio vs Samsung debate has some give and take. Budget shoppers will not be disappointed with the Vizio options they have in today’s market, while those seeking a bit more quality will be pleased with the performance levels and response time for the lowest input lag they’ll find in Samsung televisions. They are perfect for viewing Apple TV 4k, playing games on game consoles, watching sports and streaming videos from all of the streaming services. You will have an amazing viewing experience.

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  1. I believe Visio has taken a down tune in quality since many of you purchased 6 to 10+ years ago. The market trend for short-term profit has demanded a broader exposure to where Joe American shops; i.e. Target, Sam Club, Walmart, etc.. The higher-end products are fairly equal, but few of us would be able to justify the expense. Until then, plan on the manufacturer’s need to maximize short term profits to make a 15% failure rate acceptable and for us to continue to praise the good unit and curse the bad.
    I have had great luck with LG and Samsung and disappointments with Visio and Phillips. Suggest using Consumer reports before a major purchase.

  2. I am really studying the two brands. I have had a 55″ plasma Vizio for 10 years and it still works fine but now after all these years I can tell it is wearing out. That is reliability! I have Samsung phones and all the devices and I was considering getting the TV that would work with my phone too. I still haven’t decided and the only thing holding me up is price. Samsung is almost twice as expensive. Is it really worth it???

  3. Vizio HDTV’s got that California’s Cancer Warning a chemical inside their TV’s that can cause cancer,birth defects or other reproductive harm. Samsung HDTV’s does not have a chemical inside their TV’s that can cause cancer,birth defects or reproductive harm.Do not buy Vizio HDTV’s Stay away from Vizio. Buy Samsung,TCL,Haier,Toshiba,RCA,LG any other brand of HDTV.

    1. You’d be suprise how much you touch nowadays has the same warming put on it. I dont see people licking their tvs or rubbing all over the inner components. Unless you’re into that….. The vizio i have at my house has zero issues over the last 4-5 years and some friends and familys come over and think we got a new due to the screen clarity. The tv was cheaper but not far off from the samsung.

  4. I bought a 37 inch 720 p Panasonic plasma back in 2006 for around $1,800.00 delivered from Best Buy. It’s 2019, and the set still works perfectly. Every time I get the urge to buy a newer TV, the reliability issues with today’s TV’s scares me back to reality.

  5. Don’t buy Vizio unless your looking for a TV that’s only good for Two years. Have had back to back TVs black screen on me. Company doesn’t care, they know their making a disposable product and those shopping based on price are their fair victims.

    1. I’ve had my 55″ LED Vizio for nearly 10 years now with no issues. It’s made several moves, and has been used for everything from live TV, streaming, console video games, even used it with my PC for awhile when space was too tight to set up my computer desk. This is still my main TV in my living room.

      1. I have (50+ in) Visio for 10 yrs. ZERO PROBLEMS, as compared to a smaller 2 yr old, (32″ Samsung, which actually cost more $$)…. OVERALL, I have had Samsung phones for more than 10 yrs, last yr bought all brand new samsung appliances and ALL HAD TO BE REPLACED (except 32″ tv, we rarely use).


  6. Probably should also point out that Vizio doesnt allow you to loop from a hard drive where as Samsung has a but in feature,if you are looking to view from a hard drive you will have to start every episode or movie after one is finished, Samsung just starts the next one automatically,Seems petty but I’d you’re used to it,its a huge bummer not to have to loop feature,also Ove notice the timer on the vizio for auto shut off myst always be reset to auto shut off,not the case with Samsung.

  7. I’ve had nothing but problems connecting my Samsung to my smart hub (also a Samsung product). They’ve been promising for over 1.5 years to have an update. The last one was 11/1/18 & still won’t connect. I am moving away from all Samsung products because I can’t get 1 Samsung to recognize another Samsung & they don’t seem anxious to solve this problem

    1. Never had any issues with Samsung. Plug the components in and they just find each other and work seamlessly. Maybe you are trying too hard

  8. Interesting comments,however,I have to stand up for VIZIO. I bought my 32 inch VIZIO in 2006. We leave it on most of the time and have never had any problem with it what-so-ever. I also have a 2012 19 inch VIZIO for my office that’s on a lot and, again no problem. I’m currently looking for a 55 inch and comparing VIZIO and Samsung. My experiences with VIZIO has been exceptional.

  9. Here is what I have learned the hard way. I was able to buy a 37 inch Vizio about 7 years ago from a friend who had it hanging on a wall but never used it. The TV is on almost 24/7 as my son keeps it on (too lazy to turn it off). It still operates perfectly. I also purchased a 55 inch about 4 years ago and was extremely lucky to have purchased the warranty. It has gone bad 2x but luckily the warranty covered it. I bought a 43 inch with no warranty and it died in less than 2 years. Moral of the story is that the old Vizios last forever. Don’t dare buy a new one without the longest warranty possible. At the end of the day what you get for the money cannot be beaten.

  10. I purchased a vizio tv back in 2010 i owned it over 4years with no problems it seems hitachi is getting bad reviews on their tvs my friend sent me a picture of the tv i was thinking about buying that brand after reading about the problems owners were having with peticulatr model i currently have a sharp tv im going back to vizio because it’s a good tv for the price

  11. I bought a Visio flat screen 9 years ago for our rec room. This tv is on all day long, sometimes late into the night, no problems at all.
    3 1/2 years ago purchased a “good” Samsung big screen for the living room. Last night we heard a loud firecracker sound, and found the Sansung, that had never been on more than 4 hours a day had a capacitor blow up and took out a circuit board.
    We called Samsung support and were told, sorry, tv is out of warranty. Asked where the nearest service center was and were told, you can Google that yourself.
    No more Samsung…Ever.

  12. I have a large bakery in South Carolina called ACE Bakery. I got a Vizio for the plant 6 years ago. Got it from Wal-Mart for 380.00 Dollars. it plays 24 hours a day for 6 years and still no problems. Picture is still very good. I would recommend a Vizio for anyone that wants a TV for a long time and trouble free operation. I have a Samsung at home and have no problems with that TV. I got that one at the same time. Both play very good with no problems.

  13. Back in 2013 I bought a top of the line 65” Samsung 9000 series it was $3500 at Best Buy. Has evolution kit etc. I have never thought it was great but over the last six months or so I can’t get the TV to turn on. I have to leave it unplugged for a couple hours so it can power up. I think the capacitors need time to completely dump. I didn’t buy the extended warranty because I thought I was buying a great TV and Samsung’s warranty cost is ridiculous. Well of course they offer no help. To keep it simple, I’m replacing it with a Vizio. Why not give it a shot. 1/3 the cost. My favorite TV is an old 42” Plasma Hitachi TV. I stuck a fire stick in it and now it’s a smart TV. This TV has never failed me.

    1. I have an older Samsung Plasma model that had a problem with the power board, which was a problem with a majority of that model line. The capacities were not rated high enough and would eventually blow (releasing the magic smoke). The symptoms you mentioned above sound like my experience before the capacitor blew. On the bright side, though Samsung wouldn’t fix the problem for free due to no warranty, they had identified the problem and I bought a new power board from them with properly rated capacitors for about $100 and the tv is still running strong 8 years later. I removed the back cover and easily replaced the board on my own (IT hardware background made it easy for me).

      1. Paul, I love hearing stories like this. Granted, you’re above and beyond when it comes to actual hardware and working on it. Nevertheless, it’s inspiring and shows what one can do with “old tech” to make it last the test of time. I’ve got 3 TVs in my home that are all over 6 years old. Knock on wood, they’re all working like the day I bought them.

    2. I got similar issue with my Samsung 65 TV, it is on and off non-stop, the service guy told me the whole back panel needed to be replaced by more than half purchase price of the TV , and i googled it online, seems like most of Samsung TV got similar issue after 3-4 years . i decided not to buy any Samsung products from now on.

  14. I think this will help in my decision. Still a little confused because I have 2 Visio tvs – 42 and 32 – that are probably about 10 years old and they both have good pictures. Just want a 55″ tv. My daughter says Samsung so we will see.

  15. I bough my VIZIO, over 8 years , WOW! no problem at all , work perfect , no problem , would like to buy a new one, like 88 inch , my is 65, so Vizio , is my favorite , Thank you , for your recomendations , help me so much.!

  16. I bought a Vizio HD TV about 5 years ago. Still works pretty good. I gave it to my dad and just bought the new 50 inch E model 4k Vizio. I also tried out the new series 6500 4k 40 inch Samsung smart hub TV. Both brands are good but if money is no issue go with Samsung. The smart hub is a game maker. If money is tight than go with Vizio.

  17. I bought a Samsung plasma about 7 years ago and not long after the warranty expired-6 months or so- the main circuit board went for a dump..
    I opted to get it fixed which I did for around 375$ and guess what. Three years later, same problem.
    I was told at Best Buy that because it was a plasma set, overheating was an issue and contributed to boards being overtaxed.I don’t understand that since my brother-in-law bought a Hitachi plasma when i bought my Samsung and he’s had no issues.
    Anyway I decided not to repair my set AGAIN and am not confident about the Samsung brand anymore.
    Any feedback would be appreciated.

    1. I have a 42 inch Samsung plazma TV that is over 10 years old. It is on all day and I have never had a problem with it .

  18. Vizio was my preferred brand until now. My 60 inch has been showing a shadow for several months and now less than 75% of the screen shows clear picture. I bought this tv May 14 2015. It is of no value any more which ticks me off because I PAID OVER $800 in total. Vizio just keeps saying well it’s out of warranty (by 8 months)
    but we would be happy to sell you a new one and ship it to you for free.
    B F D! No thanks. So for me as of 2017, VIZIO SUCKS . WON’T EVER BUY ANOTHER ONE OF THEIR PRODUCTS.

  19. Where are the other brands? Why only compare two? What of Sony? Toshiba? TCL (Roku TVs)? LG?

    I don’t get what good only reviewing two brands is? One name brand vs. one off-brand isn’t much of a comparison. Wow, shocker, name brand winds on almost every category.

    Would like to know how other brands stack up across the features, too…

  20. I bought my Vizio in 2009 and it still works perfectly. Guest always mention how clear the pictures are. As for the smart side of it, I just use a Chromecast for anything online.

  21. I bought my vizio tv in 2011 and it’s still going strong. Bought it on amazon its a 3d led/lcd smart tv, wifi built in, 480hz 1080p. Works good, picture quality is great had several comments on how clear the picture is. Had to buy the 3d glasses seperate active shutter. 3d works good depends on the movie you might get the double vision effect. But it’s lasted 5 years no problems and was cheaper than it’s competitors. Overall I am very happy with it. I also own a samsung tv and prefer the vizio interface and apps over the samsung.

  22. I had a Vizio 70″ for a little over 2 years when half of the screen went dark. I had a tech come out and he told be this is a common problem with Vizio’s and the panel would need to be replaced at the cost of $2000. I contacted Vizio support by phone and email explaining the problem hoping they would do something since it wasn’t very old. I was told that since it was out of warranty there is nothing they would do. I went to an appliance store to research another tv. When asking what a good brand would be I was told by both sales persons to avoid Vizio’s. When I asked why they said that “They don’t last.” They have more problems with Vizio’s lasting only a couple of years than an other brand. I would suggest avoiding Vizio televisions.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Reliability is a criteria very important. I don’t want to invest my money each 2 years!

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