Samsung Reveals More about Mysterious QLED Plans for Ultimate Display

If you are in the market for a new LED TV, check out the Vizio D32-D1 – Best Versatile 32-Inch TV. But if QLED is your thing, read on.

According to the latest reports, Samsung is spending time focused on a brand new screen technology, one that could surpass even OLED displays. What is this magical new technology, and how can it impact the top LED TVs of 2018? Well, it’s called QLED, and it could be the next big leap in consumer display technology.

Let’s stop and talk about OLED first: This stands for organic light-emitting diode, a reference to the type of screen which uses organic particles within the LCD panel itself. Essentially, this replaces backlight with a new, hybrid layer that alive with live for every pixel. As a result, image quality and brightness are both enormously high and unlike any other screen on the market. The problem is that OLED screens are very, very pricey – in fact, LG is the only major brand making OLED TVs right now (for the moment, since LG is also thinking about QLED), although as 4K prices continue to fall you can expect to see more OLED TVs on the market.

Samsung QLED
QLED is a new way of using OLED tech that promises to be cheaper.

Samsung appears to have looked at the OLED trend and decided it was too complicated and expensive, in need of design innovation: The company has focused instead on an alternative called QLED. We know that QLED is supposed to be easier to manufacture than OLED, and that the Q stands for “quantum.”

Little nanocrystals or “quantum dots” are already used in high quality LED displays. Samsung is taking that practice and using it to inject self-lighting nanoparticles into the LCD panel. In other words, it’s still OLED, but it’s a different type of manufacturing process that appears to be easier and more effective.

If this holds true, it could mean that OLED prices will be falling faster than we thought – and that Samsung could become a major display player in the coming years. Since Samsung’s already-strong line of LED TVs tends to be particularly high-quality anyway, this gives us reason to celebrate…and watch for more reports of “QLED” in the future.

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