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samsung q90t review

Samsung Q90T Review

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Despite lacking object tracking sound, the Samsung Q90T remains a good choice for gamers and HDR movie fans due to its wide viewing angle, HDR 10/10+ support, 4K resolution, high peak brightness, and elegant design.

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our Verdict

Top reviewers agreed that the Samsung Q90T will impress gamers and general users alike thanks to support for HDR10 and HDR10+ content, an HDMI 2.1…

Top reviewers agreed that the Samsung Q90T will impress gamers and general users alike thanks to support for HDR10 and HDR10+ content, an HDMI 2.1 port for next-gen consoles, quick response times, high peak brightness, and a full array backlight for enhanced local dimming. Audiophiles might be disappointed with the lack of object tracking sound. However, its 4K quantum processor, high contrast ratio, and comprehensive coverage of the DCI P3 color gamut still make it a worthwhile purchase.

Picture Quality


  • Product testers over at Techradar and Rtings were impressed that the Samsung Q90T has an excellent 4K picture quality and they loved its ability to seamlessly upscale sub-4k content. In addition, the 4K UHD display delivers remarkable image clarity, creating a cinematic experience when watching movies at home and vivid visuals when gaming.


  • The Samsung Q90T has excellent color accuracy out of the box according to our pool of verified testing experts. Colors appear bright and natural due to the broad coverage of the color gamut and remain detailed when viewing both SDR and HDR content.
    • However, experts found that users could improve color even further with the correct settings.


  • Experts loved how the Samsung Q90T produced deep blacks and lauded features such as its Black Equalizer, ensuring that its black uniformity levels remain well-calibrated. The TV’s black tones stay potent even when sharing the screen with bright white tones, giving it great overall contrast.


  • The Samsung Q90T has a peak brightness of 2000 nits, and even at that high level, reviewers observed that the colors remained accurate, and the black levels stayed deep. When viewing HDR content, peak brightness tops off at 1500 nits, and color accuracy also stays quite sharp.


  • Reviewers from Whathifi.com and Cnet.com noted that the Samsung Q90T features an excellent native contrast ratio, making it ideal for dark room viewing. They also appreciated that features such as local dimming played a significant part in having the TV maintain its sharp contrasts.


  • Most reviewers established the Samsung Q90T to have about 90 local dimming zones, giving it a much darker contrast than the Samsung Q80/Q80T QLED, which boasts nearly 50. This translates to more vivid imagery and excellent black uniformity.


  • Expert testers loved how the Samsung Q90T handles fast-action gameplay, as well as its support for gaming consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X. The TV boasts HDMI 2.1 ports and is also great at motion handling. They also found out that fast-paced gameplay is as smooth as it gets on the QLED TV thanks to response times that are as quick as 10.6ms and a refresh rate of up to 120Hz.


  • The Samsung Q90T boasts HDR10 and HDR10+ compatibility, so you should be able to enjoy a vivid gaming experience thanks to epic visuals, as well as features such as Game Mode that optimize the TV’s settings for gameplay. Reviewers also agreed that the TV’s peak HDR brightness of up to 2173 nits was impressive, whether you want to use the TV for gaming, general viewing or as a PC monitor.


  • Expert reviewers marveled at how the Samsung Q90T was able to adapt and improve on its motion settings depending on the content on display and its Black Frame Insertion feature that can significantly help improve motion clarity.


  • The Samsung Q90T is capable of a native refresh rate of up to 120Hz, with support for variable refresh rates and FreeSync support for consoles that rely on Radeon graphics cards. Tests showed that this significantly reduced screen tearing, making it perfect for gaming.


  • Reviewers relished the fact that the Samsung Q90T has a super-fast response time of 10.6 ms. They also noted that the TV had very little blur trail in the event of fast-moving scenes, with minimal overshoot during transitions.

Viewing Angle

  • The Samsung Q90T fared well when it comes to viewing angles, as product testers agreed that the TV was fit for wide-angle viewing thanks to Samsung’s Ultra Viewing Angle layer. The TV’s brightness only drops by about 25% when viewed at a 45-degree angle, which is better than most models.
    • This, however, did impact the TV’s pixels, leading to a lower contrast ratio, but it shouldn’t be something that a general viewer would fuss about.

Burn in

  • Product testers established that there wouldn’t be any real risk of permanent burn-in with the Samsung Q90T since the TV uses a VA panel.



  • The Samsung Q90T TV is hands down one of the best TVs around regarding aesthetics, as expert reviewers loved its almost invisible bezel, as well as how it stands on its metallic pedestal. The stand is quite hefty, so users shouldn’t expect the TV to topple over easily.


  • The back of the Samsung Q90T QLED Smart TV features a fine texture filled with horizontal lines that give it an elegant brushed look. Expert testers agreed that the TV’s inputs were very easy to access even when wall-mounted, and with grooves that provide easy cable management, you won’t have inputs looking out of place.


  • Reviewers appreciated how thin the borders on the Samsung Q90T QLED were, as they measure 0.9cm and are pretty thin. This means users should be able to mount the TV on a wall without it distracting viewers from the room’s decor. It also won’t distract you when watching content. However, users looking for a TV that’s virtually bezel-less should consider the Samsung Q900TS QLED 8K TV, which has borders measuring 0.1cm.


  • The Samsung Q90T is impressively thin, with a maximum thickness of 3.9cm. However, experts did concur that its profile was considerably boxy, but agreed that this should be the last thing to dissuade any prospective buyer.



  • The Samsung Q90T features an integrated terrestrial and satellite TV tuner, and this allowed product testers to tune into locally available Digital TV channels.


  • Reviewers appreciated that it is packed with four onboard HDMI inputs, 2 USB ports, 1 Digital Optical Audio Out, and 1 Ethernet cable. The Samsung Q90T TV didn’t give reviewers any issues as far as connectivity is concerned.


  • The Samsung Q90T’s remote is similar to what you would find with other Samsung QLED TVs, with shortcuts to Netflix, Samsung TV plus, and Prime Video. In addition, the remote features a microphone that users can use for voice control.
    • However, reviewers confirmed that the function doesn’t work with all streaming apps.

Smart TV


  • Expert testers acknowledged that the Samsung Q90T was relatively easy to navigate, as its Tizen Smart OS is ubiquitous across many Samsung TVs. In addition, reviewers found the app to be very smooth, with a wide range of advanced options for advanced TV calibration.


  • The Samsung Q090T 4K TV features a Samsung app store with a wide range of streaming apps available. Testing showed that they were quickly able to access content from many different genres, as there was a wide range of apps that were easily downloadable. Content from both YouTube and Netflix was available in HDR format, though the same could not be said about all the other apps


  • Navigating the Samsung Q90T menu shouldn’t give you any problems, as the menu is easy to comb through. Reviewers were pleased to find out that the menu is also accessible through the buttons located right at the bottom of the TV if the remote isn’t around.

Sound Quality


  • Reviewers appreciated that the sound quality on the Samsung Q90T was decent & well balanced for anyone who might want to enjoy loud music or watch a movie. The TV’s got a room correction feature that tunes the sound according to your room’s acoustics and minimal distortion when playing at almost max volume.


  • The bass on the Samsung Q90T wowed expert testers since it carries a good punch but not enough to rumble a room.


  • The soundstage that the Samsung Q90T produces is pretty much wide enough to fill a large room. Experts could still hear the TV’s sound in a noisy environment, making it fit for anyone who would want to have the TV set up in a commercial space.

True Score


Reasons to Buy

  • High peak brightness levels
  • Deep, truetone blacks
  • FreeSync and VRR support
  • Easy to Use Tizen OS
  • Quick response times
  • 4K Quantum image processor

Reasons to Avoid

  • No Dolby Vision support
  • Ultra Viewing Layer affects contrast ratio
  • Mediocre sound quality
  • Voice control is limited to some apps


  • Backlight Type
  • Display Type
  • HDMI Inputs
  • HDR Format
    HDR10, HDR10+
  • LED Panel Type
  • Max Resolution
    3840 x 2160
  • Refresh Rate
    120 hz
  • Screen size
    65 inches
  • Smart Platform
  • Sync Technology
  • VRR


Announced in 2020, the Samsung Q90T is a mid-range 4K UHD display that delivers stunning colors and features local dimming to produce deep blacks for dark room viewing. The Smart TV is great for gaming thanks to support for both FreeSync and Variable Refresh Rate technology, and movie fans will love its wide viewing angles courtesy of its Ultra Viewing Layer. Read the rest of this Samsung Q90T review to find out what else product testers found out about this 4K QLED TV, and maybe after, have a look at other highly rated TVs you could consider.

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