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This nature series dives into the beautiful planet we all live on. Every episode will feature a new location, with new animals and landscapes to see. This is the kind of show that excites your kids because they will constantly be amazed by the majestic animals. Another great show to watch with your kids is Avatar: The Last Airbender from our list of the Best Shows On Netflix.

Why We Like It – Our Planet Review

Our Planet is a nature documentary series narrated by David Attenborough. In this series, you will dive into different habitats all around the world to see how animals survive. This show is similar to shows like planet earth, and blue planet. The documentary ties in the effects of climate change to show the catastrophes humans are causing on the planet.

  • Awesome cinematic shots of animals and nature
  • Advocating for climate change
  • David Attenborough’s voice is calm enough to fall asleep to


David Attenborough is the narrator throughout the series. While his voice is a staple for these nature documentaries, his voice is relaxing enough to fall asleep to. Aside from the narrator, the stars of this show are the creatures in their natural habitats. Throughout the series, you will see these animals have fun with each other, look for food, and run away from predators. After witnessing the massive effects of global warming on the animals, ease away the stress for a while with the animated comedy Big Mouth.


The show features cinematic shots that bring out the best in nature. Each scene shows the animals going through their lives to the tune of classical music. When the predators are on the hunt, the music becomes more intense. When the animals are having fun, the music is soft and light. This nature documentary feels like a movie, and humans are the antagonists. After catching up with relaxing life on the Earth, feel free to see Walter White create some havoc in Breaking Bad.


Nature series like these are critical because they allow people to see the world around them. It is important for people to see how beautiful the Earth is so they are inspired to fight for a better future where both animals and humans can thrive. This series highlights the drastic changes that have been happening on Earth, which might leave you feeling a bit down, but if it inspires you to treat your home better then that’s a win.

Our Planet Review Wrap Up

Our Planet beautifully shows the Earth’s landscapes and creatures. This is a great show that teaches everyone a little more about the blue planet we all live on. Everyone will appreciate the Earth way more because of this series, let’s just hope that David Attenborough’s voice doesn’t lull you to sleep.

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