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Available for only around $530, the Optoma HD142X home projector is designed for homeowners on a budget…but it doesn’t skimp on features, especially if you like brightness and 3D capabilities. Let’s dive in and see just what features are included on this model, and what the reviewers and users think.


This 1080 projector offers a 66-inch screen from 8 feet and 107-inch screen from 12 feet, with a high-brightness 3,000 lumen lamp (rated at 6,000 hours) that allows for a high contrast ratio. When it comes to adjustment, there is keystone correction but no lens shift, and a six-segment color wheel for shifting colors. Ports include two HDMI with MHL compatibility in one, 3D-sync, USB service display, and 12V trigger.


  • Great color and brightness for price


  • Some rainbow artifacts noted
Optoma HD142X
Optoma HD142X Ports


C-Net found that this Optoma model provided some of the best color around, especially for its price, making it a good choice for those who value their vivid hues. However, they noted that the projector struggles a little with black levels compared to alternatives.

“The Optoma’s picture handily outdid the cheaper non-HD projectors I’ve tested recently, and kept up very well with the more expensive competition, too. So well, in fact, that its low price point already begins triggering noticeably diminishing returns. Higher-end units like the BenQ HT2050($800), for example, did turn in slightly better performances in some areas, but the differences would be tough for many viewers to appreciate. To get a truly substantial leap in image quality, you’ll have to pay a lot more.”

Sound & Vision

Sound & Vision enjoyed the easy controls for this Optoma build and especially liked the low price, which they said makes it an excellent starter projector if you are really interested in picture quality. However, contrast doesn’t do quite so good, and you’ll need to pay close attention to the installation requirements.

“At a foot wide by 9 inches deep and weighing only 5.5 pounds, the HD142X is compact enough for portable use. This 3D-capable 1080p-res projector uses a sixsegment (RGBCYW) color wheel and features Texas Instruments’ BrilliantColor technology to enhance color richness. It also has a Reference preset picture mode that, according to Optoma, delivers accurate Rec. 709 color straight out of the box. Brightness is spec’d at 3,000 lumens and lamp life at 6,000 hours when the projector is used in Eco lamp mode.”

Amazon Users

Amazon users had two words of warning for this model: First, it does have some rainbow artifacts, so its important to prepare for this or avoid it if you are especially sensitive. Second, some complained that the projector could occasionally start buzzing. But overall, they praised the projector for offering a great picture at a discount price.

“Having had a background in sales for A/V equipment, as well as the installation of them, I have seen top shelf quality products as well as equipment that doesn’t quite meet my high expectations. With this projector I was skeptical because the price was so low but the features were on par with what I was looking for, so I took a chance. Let me just say my gamble paid off big time! This projector exceeds my expectations and looks magnificent. The blacks are black and the whites are white. Color is superb and I didn’t even have to adjust out of the box which surprised me. I have cable, which is usually not the best when it comes to picture quality because of the feed my cable company provides and yet this projector nails it! My PS4 on blu-ray however is what really blew my mind.”

Bottom Line

If your budget is only around $500, this is one of the best projectors you can currently get on the market. You can read all the projector reviews from Gadget Review here.

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