Netgear Orbi Pro AC3000 Review

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Updated August 4, 2022
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In your quest to search for the best router, you must’ve learned that the only way to get high-performance internet connectivity at each corner of your house is mesh networking. And the Netgear Orbi Pro AC3000 is a great entry-level mesh router that packs in an Orbi satellite unit too. Coming at a low price, it has the potential of becoming the Best Small Business Router in its class.

Why We Like It – Netgear Orbi Pro AC3000

Mesh networking is vastly superior to having internet access with access points. It provides seamless connectivity, and the connected device doesn’t lose a single packet while switching between the Wi-Fi systems. The Netgear Orbi Pro AC3000 is a great, somewhat low-priced way to get started with mesh networking.

  • It comes with both the Orbi router and the Orbi satellite unit
  • MU MIMO technology
  • The Orbi app is pretty easy to use overall
  • It doesn’t have as high performance as the newer models


The performance of this AC300 Tri-Band Orbi Router is fantastic. Granted, unlike the Netgear Orbi WiFi 6, it doesn’t have newer fancy features such as Wi-Fi 6. Most consumer electronic devices don’t have support for Wi-Fi 6 yet; it’s just a matter of future-proofing your mesh network. That said, for two more Wi-Fi 6 routers, check out our Netgear Nighthawk AX6000 review and our Synology RT2600AC router review.


The range of both the Orbi Pro Router unit and the Orbi Pro Satellite unit is up to 2500 square feet each, which is as good as the costlier Netgear Nighthawk X10 AD7200. So in total, this whole setup has the capability of distributing Wi-Fi signals through up to a 5000 square feet area. Also, check out our Netgear Nighthawk AX8 review.


Obviously, both the Orbi Router and the Orbi satellite unit look much cleaner than something like the Asus BRT-AC828. However, there are a lot of firmware-related bugs that somewhat muddle the smooth experience. Other than that, if you have these in your mesh networking Wi-Fi system, you’re going to get high-performance internet connectivity throughout a large area/house.

Ease Of Use

The Orbi app is very easy to navigate through. You can quickly enable or disable the guest network, give a device permission to connect, or even disconnect a device entirely from the network using the Orbi app. You can set up VPN servers too.


For the kind of features and performance this mesh networking system offers, it totally deserves its $260 price tag. While advanced features like Wi-Fi 6 would’ve been nice, it’s absolutely not necessary at this point.

Netgear Orbi Pro AC3000 Wrap Up

The Netgear Orbi Pro AC3000 mesh Wi-Fi network system provides absolutely fantastic service for its price. If you’re just getting into mesh networking, this is a great one to spend money on.

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