Netgear Mesh Router Review

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Updated August 4, 2022
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While looking for the best router options, you must’ve come across a lot of mesh WiFi routers. And unlike a lot of dual-band routers, the Netgear Mesh Router is actually a tri-band router. And that’s great for people with a lot of devices in their house that are always connected. That’s precisely why it should be on top of your list if you’re searching for the Best Router For Verizon Fios optical fiber broadband connection.

Why We Like It – Netgear Mesh Router

Mesh routers are usually fantastic for big households for having a widely covered Wi-Fi-based home network. And this Netgear Mesh Router is similarly excellent. It covers up to 5000 square feet area, and the main router packs in a satellite unit too.

  • Excellent home WiFi coverage
  • MU MIMO technology
  • Seamless connectivity thanks to the WiFi mesh system
  • Slightly misleading marketing with the “3 Gbps” term
  • Recent firmware update broke a lot of functionalities/features


The performance of this Netgear Orbi Tri-Band WiFi router is excellent, don’t get us wrong. You should see improvements during internet speed tests compared to your old cable modem. But, it won’t provide you with 3 Gbps internet speeds, similar to the Netgear C7800 which says it provides 2 Gbps. These speeds are unrealistic, even if you have a carrier-grade internet connection. This is because all these routers come with just a gigabit ethernet WAN port (not even 2.5 Gbps). Realistic speeds are 300Mbps found on the Netgear N600 or 1200Mbps found on the MeshForce router. However, if you’re doing offline file transfers or streaming video over UPnP, it should give you close to the rated speeds all in all.


Even though it advertises to be the AC3000 WiFi model, in reality, it’s actually the AC2200 unit. That means, even though you are getting slightly lower performance (not internet speeds, as we mentioned before), the range is actually better on this one and the Motorola MR2600. Plus, it’s cheaper too. And, this WiFi router actually sports even better coverage than the Netgear Nighthawk AX8.


The tri band WiFi nature of this Netgear Orbi Pro mesh router works incredibly well, and you can have more than 25 concurrently connected devices without much, if any, performance degradation. But, the hardware quality and power overall are not as excellent as the components found inside the Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 R6900P.

Ease Of Use

Netgear’s web UI has never been that great compared to others. But the Orbi app is pretty easy to use. There were a few firmware-related bugs and issues with the initial batch of updates. However, Netgear managed to fix most, if not all, bugs with later subsequent updates and patches. If you wish to get a router that is easy to install then you can settle for the Amplifi HD Wifi System by Ubiquiti Labs.


If you’re facing Wi-Fi signal-related trouble in your house, having a mesh system like this really does help. And if you really care about your cybersecurity, you can take advantage of the Netgear Armor plan (powered by BitDefender).

Netgear Mesh Router Wrap Up

Overall, these Netgear Mesh Routers are a great way to get started with mesh systems. These Wi-Fi systems are very convenient, as you never get disconnected while your device seamlessly switches from the main router to the satellite unit or vice versa seamlessly.

Debanjan Chowdhury Profile image