Midwest Tropical Makes Keeping Pet Fish Space Efficient With Their Standing Tank

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Updated June 27, 2022


If you live in an apartment, keeping a fish is a difficult proposition. Fish need space to swim in, and storing a tank full of gallons of water in a tiny apartment can be expensive in terms of both your water bill and in terms of the space it takes up. So Midwest Tropical had a better idea: Put the tank on its side. The idea makes for one of the coolest pet gadgets ever.

Towers Of Fish

Hence, their standing tank. Essentially, it’s a tower of water that takes up limited floor space but instead stretches to more than five feet tall. That way, instead of having to slot it into a wall or hope it fits on top of a broad table or a storage unit, you can just set it up near an outlet and enjoy the fish.

Everything Your Fish Needs

You get a lot more than just a cleverly designed tank for your money as well. It comes with pretty much everything you need to keep your fish happy and amused; long plants to put in the water, lighting, two filters, and, of course, a pump. And if you’re worried about the biggest problem with keeping fish, namely the water escaping, don’t be; the tank is made of seamless acrylic that’s clearer and stronger than glass, so the water, and your fish, stay inside the tank.

Fishing For Pets


Keeping fish is highly rewarding for pet owners; they’re a bit less demanding than some other kinds of pets, and, of course, it can be surprisingly soothing to just sit and watch your fish go about their fishy business. Well, unless they start eating each other, which isn’t terribly soothing, but that’s something you’ll need to hash out at the pet store. Either way, don’t expect to pay too much for this tank: It’s just $790 with savvy shopping.

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