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MECO Rechargeable USB Mini Vacuum Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Locating the best computer vacuum isn’t hard, if you know where to look. Lift a nearby rock and you’ll find the MECO Rechargeable USB Mini Vacuum Cleaner, complete with cleaning gel and solid battery life. And with its added attachments, it also makes it a great bundle, whether it’s a gift for you, a friend, or your computer. If you want another option for vacuums, check out this best vacuum cleaner review.

Why We Like It – MECO Rechargeable USB Mini Vacuum

Small, cordless, and easy to wield, MECO Rechargeable USB Mini Vacuum is not just the quickest way, but also the simplest way to leave behind a cleaner keyboard.

  • Powerful enough to suck up a 4.5mm steel ball
  • Small, handheld, and easy to use
  • Comes w/ cleaning gel
  • So-so performance in cars
  • Long charging time


The MECO Cordless Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner isn’t short on suction power. How strong? The MECO Handheld Vacuum Cleaner can suck up a 4.5mm steel ball with ease. That’s not something you see in cordless vacuum desk computer cleaners often, making it an ideal choice not just as a handheld cordless keyboard cleaner, but as a laptop piano computer car vacuum cleaner. It’s easily the best vacuum for an apartment.

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Speed & Efficiency

To gauge the rechargeable cordless handheld’s efficiency, it’s best seen when cleaning desks. The power the MECO Keyboard Cleaner Rechargeable Mini Vacuum brings to the table means going over a specific area only once. However, once you move to cars, the vacuum cleaner cordless does falter a bit. For that, you’ll probably need a top-end RV vacuum to keep up with your car. Vehicles simply have too much space for the MECO Mini Computer Vacuum Cleaner to handle in an efficient manner, though the Metro Vacuum MDV-1BA DataVac Pro could.

Bin Capacity & Maintenance

The MECO Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner is short on capacity; it isn’t meant for large jobs, only simple ones on your desk. That’s why it’s the best computer keyboard option, rather than for, say, your car. Maintenance is low though, most of which is left to USB charging. For a larger, portable device, you’ll want to read our Bissell 3624 SpotClean professional portable review.


These small USB vacuum cleaners tend to be cheap, and the MECO Rechargeable Li Battery Vacuum Cleaner USB Mini isn’t the exception. However, built quality is just fine. With plastic material, it at least has a longer shelf life.

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The Keyboard Cleaner with Cleaning Gel Rechargeable Mini Vacuum Cordless Vacuum Desk Vacuum Cleaner Best Cleaner for Cleaning Dust Hairs Crumbs Scraps for Laptop Piano Computer Car Pet House is one of the cheapest computer vacuums cleaner among other entries. It has a solid bundle, including an easy cleaning brush, gel, and thin vacuum nozzle. For another great pet vacuum, have a look at our Bissell pet hair eraser lithium ion hand handheld cordless vacuum review.

But if you want the best deal, the Ehoyal 2-in-1 Computer Vacuum combines the duster features of the Metro Vacuum ED500P DataVac Laptop Computer Desktop Vacuum Cleaner, while also being a cordless vacuum cleaner mini.

MECO Rechargeable USB Mini Vacuum Wrap Up

Pick up a MECO Rechargeable USB Mini Vacuum and you won’t be disappointed, so long as you stick to cleaning desks. It’s okay for cars, but takes too long. That still doesn’t change the fact that it’s easy to use and can have enough suction power to suck up 4.5mm steel balls with ease.

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