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Compared to an LG smart TV, the LG HF65LA seems disappointing; what appeal could a $1200 1080p ultra short throw LED projector have over a similarly priced 4K TV? The answer lies in the HF65LA’s small size and immense flexibility–though it sacrifices resolution, it takes up no space on a wall, and it’s easy to move around, all while offering the same features you’d expect of a smart TV. It’s got an inbuilt TV tuner, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth sound, and more, making it one of the best short throw projectors money can buy.

Why We Like It – LG HF65LA

The LG HF65LA ultra-short-throw projector offers vivid picture quality and a large “screen” size without the inconvenience of having to mount or make space for a TV. Though it comes at a very hefty price point, it’s a compelling option for cramped and/or dimly lit rooms.

  • Great range
  • Good picture quality
  • Very portable
  • Very high price
  • Only 1080p

Performance/Resolution Etc.

So long as you’re using it in a dark room, the LG HF65LA provides great picture quality. Its low resolution of just 1080p is a bit disappointing for its high price point, but image quality in dark rooms is great and its flexibility is wholly unmatched by any TV. It’s portable, and the ability to adjust its “screen” size is very useful. If you’d like 4K, the VAVA 4K Projector fits the bill better, but it costs over twice as much. Another projector with a resolution of 1080p is the Optoma HD142X.


Brightness is entirely dependent on ambient lighting, as is the case with all projectors. If there’s a bright light source in the room, the screen will appear dim and washed out, but it shines in dark rooms, where it offers nice image quality. It’s outclassed by the Optoma GT1080HDR in most regards though, as that boasts higher brightness, HDR support, and a high refresh rate for gamers. Although, some of the leading laser projectors can outclass most bulb-related projectors.

Adjustability/Viewing Angle

Adjustability is the LG HF65LA’s bread and butter. From a distance of 4.3”, it projects a 60” screen, and it scales all the way up to 15” away to project a 100” screen, making it an excellent short-throw LED home theater projector. It’s only 50″ smaller than the LG HU80KA. In terms of screen size, it’s beaten out by the BenQ TH671ST however, which scales from 100” to 300”, though its 1080p resolution arguably makes those sizes a detriment rather than a benefit.


Thanks to its plastic construction and portable design, the LG HF65LA is reasonably durable, though it’s still wise to handle it with care considering the parts that project light is all made of glass; projectors typically use a series of mirrors to project light.


Coming in at $1299.99, the LG HL65LA is a difficult value proposition. While it’s a solid performer, its performance is lacking compared to cheaper options, and it sits at an awkward price point that makes it compete with both other very excellent projectors and very nice TVs. With that said, its smart features and home audio capabilities still make it a good option, but it’s not the best bang for your buck.

LG HF65LA Wrap Up

The HF65LA projector is a solid option for the right market. If you want a smart TV without dealing with the hassle of having to lug it into a room and either wall mount it or clear out a big space to set it down, it’s a very solid option. If you’re a gamer or you’re looking for image quality above function and/or versatility, you’re best off looking elsewhere. Either way, LG’s offering here is compelling for the price thanks to its strong set of features.

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