How to Get Sound From a Projector to Bluetooth Speakers

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Updated March 14, 2023

You may wonder how to connect Bluetooth speakers to a projector if you have premium speakers, such as a set of top wireless surround sound speakers. Using top-tier Bluetooth speakers with a projector minimizes wired connections and simplifies your backyard movie night setup. That said, connecting your wireless speakers to a portable projector isn’t always straightforward. Luckily, we can show you a simple solution to how to get sound from a projector to Bluetooth speakers.


  • Some projects work with Bluetooth-capable speakers; you can set up the connection in the audio settings menu.
  • You can connect an older projector to speakers with a Bluetooth transmitter.
  • Plug the wireless transmitter into the audio jack and use pairing mode to connect it to wireless external speakers.

How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers to a Projector

Learning how to connect a record player to Bluetooth speakers requires similar steps to establishing a wireless connection with your projector. Additionally, understanding what HDMI-ARC means should help you navigate your projector settings a bit easier. Comparing HDMI vs. Bluetooth for a soundbar should inform users how connection methods affect their sound quality.

Forgoing speaker cables can keep your audio connection simple for active setups or portable speakers. For example, learning how to install Bluetooth speakers on a motorcycle should help you upgrade the simple built-in stereo speakers.

Insider Tip

Wi-Fi signals and other Bluetooth frequencies can distort the audio signals to your Bluetooth projector speakers.

Unfortunately, budget projectors often feature low-quality built-in speakers. So, if you want quality sound, consider learning how to connect Bluetooth external speakers to your portable or ceiling-mounted projector.

Method 1: Use the Projector Sound Settings Menu

STEP 1 Press the Menu Button

Power on the projector and press the menu button. Next, navigate to the settings menu.

STEP 2 Select HDMI Settings

Select the HDMI settings and find the audio output options.

STEP 3 Set the Audio Output Selection

Set the projector as the audio output device.

STEP 4 Turn On Bluetooth

Navigate to the Bluetooth settings menu and activate Bluetooth.

STEP 5 Pair Your Bluetooth-Friendly Speakers

Put your speaker in pairing mode and activate the projector’s Bluetooth pairing in the menu. Select your speakers from the available devices list, which should complete the pairing process.


Do not use high volume levels to compensate for poor-quality speakers because you can blow them out, causing irreparable sound issues.

Method 2: Use a Wireless Transmitter

STEP 1 Attach the Bluetooth Transmitter

If your projector doesn’t offer built-in Bluetooth, use a wireless transmitter. Plug the transmitter into your projector’s audio out jack or optical audio port, depending on the output method on the unit.

STEP 2 Turn on the Bluetooth Transmitter

Turn on the wireless transmitter. Hold the button for three to five seconds to activate pairing mode. You should see a fast-blinking light somewhere on the Bluetooth transmitter.

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STEP 3 Pair the Transmitter with the Speakers

Activate the pairing mode on your Bluetooth speakers and place them near the wireless transmitter. Once you see a sold light on the speakers and Bluetooth transmitter, your wireless audio system is complete.

How to Get Sound From a Projector to Bluetooth Speakers FAQs

How do I clean a projector screen?

Use a microfiber cloth or canned air to remove dust and dirt from the screen gently. Additionally, you can use denatured alcohol and q-tips to spot clean small sections of your screen. Ensure you use a proper screen cleaner, and do not use normal cleaning fluids on your projector screen.

Is an optical connection better than a Bluetooth-enabled speaker?

Experts recommend using an optical cable over Bluetooth whenever possible. An optical connection is a more reliable and robust connection method than Bluetooth connectivity. That said, you should opt for an HDMI audio connection for the highest-quality audio output.

What range do Bluetooth-capable speakers offer?

Most Bluetooth-compatible speakers offer up to a 30 ft. range, but you need an excellent setup to ensure the maximum range. Obstructions and other wireless signals may shorten the operating range of cheaper or older Bluetooth devices.
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