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Hoover H-Free 800 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you want the most out of a vacuum, keeping it maintained is how you accomplish it. A $500 vacuum is wasted if you let dirt and dust build up in the machine. The Hoover H-Free 800 does away with that by using its Hoover Wizard app. That way you’ll get to experience the power and versatility of the vacuum before entropy takes over completely. Is it the best vacuum cleaner? Let’s find out.

Why We Like It – Hoover H-Free 800 Review

A versatile cordless stick vacuum that can switch from vacuum to handheld in an instant, has extra power options packed inside, and easy maintenance through a proprietary app.

  • Has Turbo Mode for extra power
  • Can switch to a handheld mode
  • Keep vacuum in best shape through Hoover Wizard app
  • So-so battery life

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The Hoover H-Free 800 introduces a few details we wish more vacuums would use such as its various modes. Against pet hair, the Hoover H Free 800 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is good. But turn on Turbo mode? You’ll see a huge difference should you ever review Hoover H-Free 800 yourself. And for carpets, you can access Carpet mode, which turns on a little light to illuminate dust and dirt.

Battery life is on the weaker side, however. It can run for 35 minutes, even less if you’re constantly using Turbo mode. If you’re in an apartment, this won’t be an issue. But a medium-sized home? The limitation is noticeable, unless you use it sparingly. Perhaps the Eureka PowerSpeed Lite or the Hoover Linx is better suited for you.

Speaking of home types, houses with stairs would do well with the leading vacuum for cleaning stairs.


The Hoover H-Free 800 is a very versatile machine. Going from a cordless stick vacuum cleaner, to a handheld vacuum is as easy as counting to three. And in both stages, you have access to various tools like turbo brush nozzle and crevice tool. It’s pretty light at 5.5kg, making it much lighter than the Bissell Cleanview. The 800’s dimensions are 23.8 x 25 x 116.2 cm, making it pretty compact, too. In fact, it comes with a wall mount for keeping it off the ground. If dust cup size is a concern, look to the Shark Navigator Vacuum Cleaner with its immense dustbin.


Hoover goes out of their way to make sure your vacuum cleaner is in its best shape through the use of their free Hoover Wizard app. It’ll give you insight on how well the HSPIN-Core is doing, exhaust, even the agitators—and how to maintain them. Of course, that means it has Wi-Fi connectivity. These days, few companies make vacuum cleaners that give you such feedback. We find that to be invaluable, aside from its powerful performance and design. To us, it has great value.

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Hoover H-Free 800 Review Wrap Up

If you live in a small home or apartment, where its limited battery isn’t noticed, the Hoover H-Free 800 is going to fit right in—especially if you have a pet. Should you need the extra power, Turbo mode is always there for pet hair and dirty jobs. And for your car, there’s a handheld mode. Secure your value on this vacuum by maintaining it through the Hoover Wizard app.

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