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Central vacuums like the Honeywell 4B H803 come built with a powerful 15-amp dual-stage motor, making it one of the strongest on our best central vacuum list. Its self-cleaning HEPA filter reduces maintenance. And having 125 CFM is rated for homes with a sq ft of 12000. It’s a deadly combination, to say the least.

Why We Like It – Honeywell 4B H803

Made of heavy-duty steel, the Honeywell 4B H803 extends its lifespan by incorporating a self-cleaning HEPA filtration system, 125 CFM, and surprisingly quiet operation.

  • 15-amp dual-stage motor
  • 125CFM, rated for 12000-square foot areas
  • Self-cleaning HEPA filter
  • Lacks hose and accessories
  • Uses vacuum bags


The vacuum Honeywell power unit features 630 air watts, in addition to suction power of 128-inches. It operates with 120 volts, which is pretty standard among vacuum cleaners.

Speed & Efficiency

All that power gets the Honeywell 4B H803 125 CFM. That means you’ll cover 125 cubic feet every minute. That’s 25 below the Prolux Vacuum in terms of CFM performance. It’s enough performance to adequately clean a 12000-sq ft area.

Capacity & Maintenance

This 7-gallon dirt devil is holding nearly 50% more in its dirt receptacle than the Hoover Vacuum Cleaner, which comes out to 2 lbs more. Maintenance is kept significantly low due to vacuum bags and a self-cleaning HEPA filtration system.


It’s not uncommon for Honeywell central vacuum systems to be sturdy, but a heavy-duty steel body? Honeywell wanted this machine to last several years, which is exactly what you’ll get out of it. And it’s incredibly quiet, only ever peaking around 73db.


There’s no doubt about it: 4B-H803 Quiet Pro Central Vacuum System Power Units are powerful, and fit perfectly in large areas. Unfortunately, it’s barebones and expensive. You aren’t getting any accessories, not even a hose. If you want H803 Central Vacuum System Power, you’ll have to take an extra step and grab a few accessories. Also, you have to worry about purchasing vacuum bags. The Allegro MU4500 Champion comes with a bevy of accessories.

Honeywell 4B H803 Wrap Up

Even though price is a concern, you’re still getting an excellent central vacuum here. Having 15-amps makes a difference, providing 125 CFM that does wonders on 12000-square foot areas. And its self-cleaning HEPA filtration system reduces the amount of maintenance needed, as do the bags. But to take full advantage of it, you’ll need to invest in accessories and bags. You’ll otherwise not be disappointed.

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