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Looking to improve your less-than-stellar entertainment center with something bold? Perhaps you love movies and video games and need something that marries the two. You want HDR, 4K resolution, and a billion+ colors. And, of course: smart apps. The best smart TV, in that case, could be the Hisense 75H8G.

Why We Like It – Hisense 75H8G

With Quantum Dot technology producing a billion+ colors, HDR, 4K, and a fast motion rate perfect for gaming, this smart TV is well-equipped to handle cinema and gaming for a modest price. Another option is the Sony X90J, which has similar specs as the Hisense but has a variable refresh rate to help with gaming. Or if you are looking for an OLED TV, the LG C9 OLED should suit you well as it has amazing picture quality and infinite contrast ratio thanks to the OLED panel.

  • Increased contrast range and color accuracy /w local dimming
  • Impressive motion rate w/ Game Mode
  • Quantum Dot technology provides billion+ colors
  • Light bloom occasionally
  • Remote control has too much going on


The Hisense 75H8G is packed with key features that make it perfect for gaming and cinema. With full-array local dimming zones and 700 nits of peak brightness across 90 zones, you’re getting an impressive HDR experience, in addition to Quantum Dot technology pushing a billion+ colors. Pair that with Dolby Atmos, and your house could be the go-to place for movies. And Enhanced Viewing Angle technology ensures even people sitting off to the side will still experience quality. If you need a smaller model, the Hisense H8G series also has 50, 55, and 65-inch models. Additionally, if you like the Hisense brand, you can check out our Hisense 65H10B2 review.

For gaming, the Hisense 75H8G’s 240 motion rate comes in handy. This essentially boils down to a 120Hz refresh rate, which is perfect for gaming by providing a much smoother, less blurry experience than the TCL 32S327 Roku. You might experience some light blooming, usually around subtitles, but otherwise inconsequential. These specs are similar to the Samsung QN75Q8FN, and it features an anti-glare coating on the screen if you need that feature.


The Hisense 75H8G Android TV is simple in design but sleek—a dark silver finish with ultra-thin bezels around a 75-inch screen. Legs can be positioned at the end, in the middle, or removed for VESA mounting. One flaw to note is the remote control. It’s crowded with small buttons. It can be difficult to access Google Assistant and Google Play. However, we’d rather see too many buttons than too few, like the remote of a Toshiba 43LF711U20.


The Hisense H8G Quantum Series Smart TV is an impressive 4K smart TV in its own right. Picture quality and improved clarity through faster motion rates, plus Quantum Dot technology, provides an experience that makes enjoying cinema just as impressive as playing your favorite video games. And all the smart apps to use are the icing on the cake. At $1300, the Hisense 75H8G becomes yet another viable option as an affordable 4K smart television. For another affordable 4K option, check out the LG UN6950, which can be had in a range of sizes from 43-inch to 75-inch. If you just want 4K and nothing more, the Insignia NS-50DF710NA19 is an alternate option.

Hisense 75H8G Wrap Up

Despite the wonky remote and occasional bloom you rarely notice, the Hisense 75H8G is the ideal smart TV for those who often watch movies and play games. Both categories gain incredible value from improved motion rate, the colors provided by Quantum Dot technology, and increased contrast and color accuracy across its 90 local dimming zones.

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