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If you’re leery about using a traditional box beard dye, then this Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye is the best beard dye for sensitive skin. Instead of relying on harsh chemicals, it features a blend of natural dyes that include henna and indigo. However, it’s important to note that henna and indigo dye works slightly differently than traditional box dyes. The color uptake is dependent upon the state and color of your hair so results can vary and this dye is designed to create a more natural multidimensional blended brown look as opposed to one uniform color.
Because natural henna-based dyes are permanent, this is a beard dye that’s best reserved for more experienced DIY beard dyers, or those who’ve tried box dyes and had an allergic reaction to them. This pack includes 100 grams of the beard dye, 30 grams of the organic base, an applicator brush, and application instructions. If your curus what would work best for you and for your face why don’t you check out our best beard dye in 2020.

Why We Like It – Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye Organic

If you struggle with traditional dyes that irritate your skin, this natural ingredient based option is the best beard dye for sensitive skin, with an included tinting brush and featuring organic ingredients.

  • Zero chemical formulation
  • Creates multidimensional color
  • Tinting brush included
  • Results can vary depending on hair color
  • Lengthy processing time
  • May be drying


Like many organic beard dyes it seems to be hit or miss with far less misses than hits but on the positive side of things when it hits the dye gives the intended effect of darkening or making the hair lighter to the desired effect without the itchiness or other irritation of other chemical beard dyes. That all said if you have sensitive skin we have to recommend the Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye Organic over a chemical based option like the Just Men Mustache Brush Packaging.


Coming in a package with your chosen dye color with dark brown being the most common along with a base to level out the color of your hair so the dye will be even, of course a brush to apply the products and finally a pair of papers one detailing beard care and the other binging instructions. While not as fancy as something like the REFECTOCIL Natural Liquid Oxidant Mixing many reviews will argue it’s just as good.


When it comes to cost the Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye Organic is far cheaper than the Blackbeard Men Formula Brush Mustache and unlike blackbeard you’ll also be buying a dye. So it’ll last you longer regardless of rain or sweat.

Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye Organic Wrap Up

When it comes to organic dyes we’ve all heard one story or another about green hair or trees growing out of people’s heads but we haven’t been able to track down any report of such problems with the Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye Organic.

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