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85 Expert Rating

Far Cry 4 dives into the region of Kyrat, where players face an intense wilderness, and malicious organized crime. Players can choose to follow the story mode and finish missions, earn experience, and gain new skills to use during the missions. There are also side missions that you can complete to earn more experience. Overall, the game is pretty good and adding all these elements at once makes a beautiful product that is both entertaining, challenging, and unique to each player’s style of gaming. The game’s release date was November 18th, 2014 for PS4, Xbox one, and PC. Try Far Cry 4, or other games such as the transistor game, or infamous second son on our Best PS4 Games.

Why We Like It – Far Cry 4 Review

Far Cry 4 is the perfect sequel to the already instant classic that Far Cry 3 was. This time the adventure takes place in the region of Kyrat, where Pagan Min rules over the army of antagonists we face. Packed with all new creatures that scare the bejeebers out of you while exploring the open world, this sequel is absolutely a good game whether you’re playing the story, exploring the world, or doing side missions.

  • Large Open World Map
  • Big list of side missions
  • Almost exactly like Far Cry 3


The game runs smoothly through the advanced consoles so frame rate is no problem in this game. The game plays as a first person shooter, and features new weapons such as the grappling hook that helps you move along your way in the game. Aside from weapons, a map editor is available during online play to fully customize a map to a player’s preference. These features along with Co Op missions make it a game worth playing slowly to reach maximum potential. If first-person shooters such as far cry 4 is your preference of games we also recommend diving into destiny as well.


Far Cry 4 perfectly encapsulates the emotions of players by adding intense music for battles and mellow tunes while exploring. Everything from getting bit by sharks near the ocean, to getting pecked by birds in the forest, to seeing tigers in Shangri La, the game holds true to life concepts which makes it more fun to play. Having a variety of ways to upgrade, it is exciting to see which road fits best for a player, and how they will prevail through missions in their own unique way.


For its current price, this game is definitely undervalued because of the hours of content that is available. People can play this game once in a blue moon just to enjoy the open world, or better yet even play Co op with a friend to take on missions together for added fun. Either way, Far Cry 4 is a good game to have because of how intense the game has proved to be while rewarding the players by customizing their skills to their preference. Actually, you should compare it to some of the best games on Xbox live as well.

Far Cry 4 Review Wrap Up

Far Cry 4 is a must have for any gamers that are looking for a serious action adventure game. This time in the series we fight alongside the golden path rebels to overcome Pagan Min. I recommend any newcomer to give it a try, as you will be pulled into the game by the wild encounters, and dramatic missions will keep you on the edge of your seat figuring out your own way to complete missions.

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