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Tied up with space in your living or bedroom? You might want to consider getting a tower fan. They’ll take up much less space than a portable air conditioner would, and are also easily portable so it’ll be much easier to move them around. Despite being tall and narrow, they also have a pretty strong base, so they’re less likely to topple over. Most tower fans are characterized by a plastic grille on its front, but the Dyson Cool AM07 however has a clear, bladeless design, making it a center of attention for anyone who might have never seen it before. Does it have the potential to be the best tower air conditioner? Let’s find out.

Why We Like It – Dyson Cool AM07

The use of air multiplier technology on the Dyson Cool AM07 is probably what makes it a much more reliable source of air conditioning, as it allows for more widespread airflow. The fan is also a lot more quiet than most of the other fans in the same category, making it perfect for use at night.

  • Programmable 9 Hour Sleep Timer
  • Safe thanks to the bladeless design
  • 10 different airflow settings
  • No filter


The use of air multiplier technology is something that you definitely won’t come across with many tower fans, and it is precisely what makes the Dyson Cool AM07 unique. The tower fan basically has streamlined air channels along the inner lining of it’s tube like design. There’s a motor fan inside it’s base, and this is why the base is noticeably thicker than that of the TaoTronics Tower Fan for example. The Dyson Cool AM07 also has up to 10 precise airflow settings, providing a diverse range of operational modes for you to pick from.

Energy Efficiency

There aren’t any blades that have to be spinned on the Dyson AM07, and this alone makes it a lot more energy efficient than a lot of tower fans in its price category. It works by sucking in airflow from its surroundings, and re distributing it into the room that it’s in. You can also opt to use the sleep timer to have it switch between different modes during specific intervals, and in doing so, you’ll be able to save up even more on your energy costs.


There’s no element of filtration on the AM07 Tower fan, so you’re just going to have to make sure that you place it in a room where there’s clean air. You’ll also have to make sure that it is properly maintained, and this would mean cleaning it regularly. If not having a filter on this tower fan is a deal breaker, then perhaps the Lasko T42951 might be worth considering. It also doesn’t really have a filter, but you could opt to buy it one if you wish to do so.


The Dyson Cool AM07 is backed by an impressive 2 year warranty, inspiring just a little bit of confidence among its buyers in spite of it’s relatively high price. Other tower fans like the PELONIS Oscillating Tower Fan only have a 1 year warranty, so it’s better than them in this regard.


If you have kids around, perhaps the biggest advantage of having the Dyson Cool AM07 around is that it’s pretty safe to use, and on top of that, is also very modern looking. You’ll also be able to use a remote control to adjust it’s speed and switch between modes from a distance. The fan is also quite quiet, and is available in either white or silver.

Dyson Cool AM07 Wrap Up

The bladeless design of the Dyson Cool AM07 tower fan is sure to spark up conversation from anyone that’s never really seen such a fan before. It’s modern design does a lot in terms of it’s aesthetics, and it’s 2 year warranty provides a lot of incentive for anyone that isn’t too sure about buying it because of it’s somewhat steep price.

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