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Dog-E-Minder Review

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The Dog-E-Minder is a LCD collar attachment that easily displays when your dog has most recently been walked, fed, and given his or her medication.  Really easy to use, the Dog-E-Minder is an essential and affordable way for large families to deal with (multiple) pets. Continue reading to learn why it is considered one of the best pet gadgets.

On standby, the Dog-E-Minder flashes back and forth between Pet name/Owner contact info and current date and time. Press the corresponding button and it will display the last time your dog was walked, fed, or medicated.  Super easy.  When you want to record a new time, say just after a walk, just press and hold the walk button for a few seconds and the bright blue illuminated LCD will take note of the new time.

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Setting the unit up initially is also really easy and intuitive only taking a few minutes to get my dog’s name and my phone number entered.  The unit is lightweight and my dog Bucky Bukkake (15lbs.) didn’t seem to mind its dangle and sway.

The only thing I wanted from the Dog-E-Minder was an option to display the time elapsed since last walk as I always like less math in my day.  Being that that is my only gripe, the Dog-E-Minder worked great in the rain and is generally convenient all around.


The Dog-E-Minder is also shockproof and water resistant so you won’t have to worry about damage in case you dog goes for a swim.  Bucky hates water so I didn’t get to test that out to the fullest, though I did throw it in the sink to see how it dealt.  The battery compartment was sealed appropriately and it held up just fine.

For me personally, I am the sole caretaker for my dog Bucky so I know when he was walked last.  He is not on meds, and eats at his own leisure, so I never really need to keep track of all this stuff.  Whereas my situation is a bit isolated, the Dog-E-Minder should be huge across all dog communities.  With its incredibly easy and intuitive use and set-up,  $20 is a great price for a product this simple and innovative.


The Dog-E-Minder uses a watch style battery that should last quite a while and if you need to change it out battery replacement is also really simple.  The buttons were small but reacted well under pressure (hehe) and were of your typical remote control fashion.

If you or someone else you know has trouble managing their most precious buddy’s needs, the Dog-E-Minder will definitely remove some wrinkles from their forehead.  Available in four colors, though I think the backlight stays bright blue across whatever color you end up choosing.

End result:  Great product for a great price.


  • Ease of set-up and use
  • Lightweight
  • Piece of mind


  • Maybe too big for dogs under 10 pounds

Order one now for $20!!