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Destiny is the type of futuristic game that Halo fans can enjoy. This game takes you forward to a future filled with alien creatures and technology. While story missions appear to be quite vague in terms of plot and character development, the design of the game makes it worth trying. This game is available on PS4, Xbox One, and other high-performance consoles. If you enjoy first-person shooter games such as destiny, check out far cry 4 or infamous second son on our best PS4 games. Want more games? Check out our top-rated video games list.

Why We Like It – Destiny Review

Destiny is a futuristic video game that feels like the Halo series in terms of setting and era. It presents a vast world where players combat alien enemies in story mode, or play online through the co-op mode with strike missions. This game is for anyone that enjoys first person shooter games with a variety of alien infrastructure to look at. And, if you want play one of the top-selling games, check out our Grand Theft Auto V review.

  • Beautiful Setting
  • PvP and PvE Co Op
  • Story is vague


Destiny plays like a traditional FPS with occasional aerial views while driving alien vehicles. There are aspects you can upgrade and modify to your liking, such as guns and armor, which makes the game more appealing since we can play for advanced gun scopes, and armor enhancements. Throughout the game, you have a Ai present to help you lead through the story missions, so while the story is vague the objectives become easier to find with help. While this game may be a good match for fans of alien FPS, if there are fans of RPG reading please also check out the transistor game.


The game includes a story mode, and a co-op mode where players go against each other or play together against the Ai enemies in strike missions. The option for players to join the battle online easily makes the game that much more enjoyable. Aside from play, the game’s kurx is for players to move through the maps, scan data, battle enemies, and upgrade their weapons. Finally, it all takes place in the beautifully designed world of Destiny, reminiscent of the Halo days. For another story-driven game, read our Bleach Soul Resurreccion review.


This game does not hold much value in terms of plot, but it does have a good scenery to offer while playing. For any first-person shooter, the atmosphere around the character is very crucial to how the game feels overall, and with Destiny, you have a game that engulfs you into an alien world that is very interesting to look at through the density of high performance consoles like the PS4 or Xbox One. It feels like Halo and Star Wars had a baby, and created this alien utopia that is Destiny. And if you’re looking for some other newer experiences with your PS4, make sure to check out the best PS4 games, 2014 versions.

Destiny Review Wrap Up

For any player looking for a futuristic first person shooter, this is the game for you. Destiny presents a variety of ways to keep you entertained with either playing story mode, or playing along to strike missions. The story lacked depth to it by being vague the majority of the time. Character development and backstory are very necessary when playing a game that throws you straight into a fantasy era. Nevertheless, the visual appeal of the game looks interesting enough to experience. Also, taking down alien baddies to gain experience and upgrade your armory is a simple way to make a great game. And for a variety of other great games, make sure you take a look at our list of 12 of the best games on Xbox live as well.

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