Coleman Central Air Conditioner Review

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Updated January 17, 2023
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Coleman, a subsidiary of Johnson Controls, is no stranger to making HVAC systems, and the Coleman Central Air Conditioner is no exception. Compared to other Coleman air conditioners, this particular Coleman air conditioner is an odd man out; it’s a small unit intended for RVs rather than homes, aimed to provide air conditioning to small mobile vehicles instead of full-sized houses. If you’re looking for a home AC, you’re looking at the wrong unit; even among Coleman’s own lineups, you’re better off looking at the Coleman LX series or Coleman Echelon series (particularly the Echelon AC21). If you are indeed looking for the best central air conditioner for an RV, though, this one’s got you covered.

Why We Like It – Coleman Central Air Conditioner

The Coleman Central Air Conditioner is an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient Coleman AC unit aimed at RVs. If you need a central AC for your RV, it’s one of the best air conditioners you can buy, though it obviously can’t compare to other Coleman AC units if you’re looking for something for home use.

  • Comes with heat pump
  • Compact
  • Two stage design
  • Very pricey for what it is
  • No official efficiency ratings


While it can’t compete with a proper home AC unit like the Amana Air Conditioner or Goodman Air Conditioner, for its intended purpose it’s fine. Though it’s heavy, it’s a compact unit that does a fine job in cooling RVs down, doubling as a heater to boot. So long as you keep your expectations in check and use it for their intended purpose, you’ll have no complaints here. While it’s not portable, the Goodman 3 Ton A/C unit will cool and heat any home.

Energy Efficiency

Though Coleman gives no official figures, one can deduce that the Coleman Central Air Conditioner is at least a somewhat efficient unit. It employs a two-stage compressor design with a very nifty feature: it can operate in single-stage mode when cooling demands are low, saving drastically on power. This, combined with its compact size, leads to efficient operation. It’s not going to compete with something like the Carrier Central Air Conditioner, but it’s not intended to do so.


Unlike the Friedrich Kuhl, the filtration is handled via a filter drier on the Coleman Central Air Conditioner. This allows the device to filter particulate matter out, and it increases overall lifetime durability. The filter part of the filter drier filters, as expected, while the drier keeps condensation and moisture out of the unit, keeping the internal tubing from freezing over.


Durability is fine on the unit. The installed filter drier extends the unit’s longevity by a wide margin, while the unit’s design, in general, shows no obvious faults. Because it’s intended to be run in an RV, it’s unlikely it’ll be exposed to the elements, and it has no faulty components or design.


Compared to a home AC, the Coleman Central Air Conditioner is unsurprisingly a poor value proposition given its complete lack of manufacturer-specified efficiency ratings and general lack of manufacturer-provided information at all. It’s not meant for home use, though; it’s meant for RVs. As a portable unit (or small room unit), it’s fine; it’s a bit on the pricey side, as you’re paying a premium for that portability, but it gets the job done.

Coleman Central Air Conditioner Wrap Up

For its intended use case, the Coleman Central Air Conditioner is a good product. It’s not the greatest thing since sliced bread, and the complete lack of manufacturer information is frustrating both for the consumer and for the reviewer, but it’s a solid unit that works well for keeping an RV cool. If you’re in need of a replacement unit for your RV or you’re unhappy with the unit you currently have installed, it’s a decent buy, but if you’re looking for a home unit, look elsewhere.

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