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Carrier AC Units, in this case, the Infinity 26, are considered the best central air conditioners because they are quiet, preserve energy when only mid-level heating and cooling are required, and are built to last. Of course, they have a higher than normal SEER rating, but a trained professional should tell you if that meets your home’s needs or not. Read on to learn more about the Infinity 26, and don’t forget to also check out other best-selling air conditioners as well.

Why We Like It – Carrier Central Air Conditioner

The Carrier Central Air Conditioner, specifically the Infinity 26 Central Air Conditioner, is great for homeowners looking for a good value on their heating and cooling needs. The Infinity 26 Central Air Conditioner comes with fantastic climate control at a lower cost than other Carrier Series Brands. For comparison with another brand, you may also want to check out our Cake Arctic Air Portable Personal Evaporative Cooler review.

  • Quiet
  • Energy Star Compliant
  • High Quality and Built to Last
  • High SEER Rating
  • Doesn’t Use True HEPA Filters
  • Marketing Drives the Price of the Unit Up


Unlike the Bryant Legacy air conditioner, Carrier Air Conditioners contain a seasonal energy efficiency rating of 24. Of course, these ratings are variable, and an HVAC specialist should be able to determine what SEER unit is right for you. Residential units generally need 14-16, so 24 may be a little high. Check out the Amana Air Conditioner for something lower. The Carrier is only 65dB though, so that’s a plus. Yet, the Evapolar portable air conditioner is only 10dB, which is super quiet. Compare that to the Coleman Central Air Conditioner that’s a high-efficiency budget-friendly unit.

Energy Efficiency

Carrier Central Air Conditioners are energy-efficient models because, when air conditioning demand is low to moderate, they run at 70% capacity. This means that users have the ability to make smart choices when it comes to using technology, and can decide between energy efficiency and higher performance depending on their needs. And, if you need help with troubleshooting, you can start by learning how to reset the air conditioner.

Additionally, not only does this amount to energy savings, but a quieter unit too. If you want to shop around, another high-efficiency model you can check out is the Goodman Air Conditioner. Plus, no matter what AC you buy, you’ll always want to maintain it. So that also means learning how to clean the AC vents.


System Carrier HVAC Systems offer MERV 15 filtration with all Infinity Series models. The advantage of MERV 15 filters is that they trap more dirt and debris than most other filters. However, be aware that these are not True HEPA filters so they won’t stop as many small particles as quality air purifiers will. Unfortunately, not even the Carrier Comfort Series, which is single-stage, or the Performance Series uses True HEPA Filters. All these models have their own unique features while they might be missing some others. For example, the unit in our Avallon dual hose portable air conditioner review is missing a filter but has its own 24-hour timer.


Carrier Infinity Series Central Air Conditioning System shows few service records and fewer repair issues than most other brands which is an indicator of their quality. In fact, the Infinity Series is rated to last 20-25 years. A Carrier Installer must also receive special training from Carrier to install the unit properly. Thus, you know things like the heat pump and the boiler will be installed correctly. Can the Goodman GSX13 say that? If you’re concerned with how durable some of the components of your unit is, check out our article comparing aluminum vs copper AC coils to see which is best. Or you learn what is an AC contactor as it is an important part of the AC’s electrical system.


Air Conditioner prices are largely determined by installation costs. As such, it’s hard to give a definitive answer here on how much a Carrier Central Air Heating Cooling System will cost. However, we can tell you that it will be slightly more expensive than most concerning Carrier’s great reputation but also because they spend a lot on marketing, which they have to recoup somehow.

This is the premium you pay for an efficient unit that keeps sound levels down and is built to last. It’s also worth noting that while they may be more expensive on an initial basis, energy costs are usually lower in the long run due to the improved efficiency of Carrier products.

Carrier Central Air Conditioner Wrap Up

With Carrier’s impeccable reputation and Carrier-certified instructors installing your unit, it’s easy to see why the units will cost a little more. Maybe I’m overthinking it, but I just can’t justify marketing costs being part of that price, though. But if an air conditioner will last for upwards of 20 years, then I’ll definitely, at least, have a look.

That’s because the newer air conditioning models are significantly more efficient than the old ones, meaning that I could save a lot of money on energy costs by investing in one. Furthermore, these new models also have lower energy consumption, and so can help my household do its part to reduce our carbon footprint.

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