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If you’re looking for the best Bryant Air Conditioners then look no further than the Legacy Series Bryant AC Units. Bryant-certified installers will install the unit for you and the 10 year warranty on parts is always a welcome addition. It’s one of the reasons we believe the unit to be a best central air conditioner.

Why We Like It – Bryant Legacy Air Conditioner

The Bryant Legacy Air Conditioner is an excellent entry-level model air conditioner if you’ve just purchased your first home and are looking for a central air conditioner and looking to save money up front. The 16 SEER rating is excellent for homes and falls within the recommended 14-16 range.

  • Good SEER Rating for Homes
  • Bryant-Certified Installers
  • 10 Year Parts Limited Warranty
  • Quiet Operation is still at 72dB
  • Single Stage Compressor Always Operates at 100%


The Legacy Single Stage Operation Bryant Brand Central AC offers a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating rating of 16, maximum. This is perfect for a residential home as the average is anywhere between 14-16. It’s also the lowest rating between other Bryant Models like the Bryant Evolution Series and the Preferred Series. Unfortunately, with the lowest sound level at 72dB, it has the opportunity to become very loud. It’s a single stage compressor, so check out the Carrier Central Air Conditioner if you like two stage compressors.

Energy Efficiency

The Legacy Single Stage Cooling Bryant Central Air Conditioning Unit is energy star certified to meet guidelines for high efficiency in all models and sizes. Bryant offers Environmentally sound Puron Refrigerant with the legacy series for less damage to the O-Zone Layer. However, being a single-stage unit and not a two stage or variable speed, the compressor constantly runs at 100%, making it less energy efficient than you might want. Check out the Amana Air Conditioner, then, for something different.


Replacing the filter regularly helps air move continuously through the coil guard and makes the heating cooling features operate smoothly. The Bryant Legacy Air Conditioner Model features a MERV 16 filtration which is fantastic at capturing airborne particles and improving air quality. However, be warned that these aren’t true HEPA filters, so there may still be some airborne particles left.


The Legacy Series Central Air Conditioners can be installed by either a Bryant Dealer or other local dealers. And don’t underestimate how important it is to get something installed properly. Things like heat pumps require proper installation for efficiency. In this case, a Bryant dealer will have gone through a program where they know how to install the unit properly, which is probably your best bet.


The Bryant Legacy HVAC System features other useful tools such as Wi Fi for the thermostat so you can control the unit via your phone. All Bryant models come with a 10 year parts warranty. To be honest, that’s average at best, and you can check out the Goodman Air Conditioner for something better, but we appreciate it nonetheless.

Bryant Legacy Air Conditioner Wrap Up

The features Bryant offers are pretty common throughout all air conditioner brands, but there’s just something about certified installers that I like and will always talk about. If there’s one area of a central air conditioner that you shouldn’t skimp on its installation. And if something does go wrong it’s their job to fix it, not yours.

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