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Bosch Vacuum Review

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Updated December 1, 2022
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Most shop vacs get used after the work is done—but the Bosch Vacuum changes that by sucking in debris alongside your tools. That alone makes it the best shop vac in our eyes. It’s a unique feature that does more than keep your workspace clean. By reducing the amount of dust floating around, you’re left with cleaner air than before. Find more great cleaners for your shop or home with our best vacuum cleaner reviews.

Why We Like It – Bosch Vacuum

The Bosch Vacuum has the unique ability to suck in debris as you work, up to 9 gallons, in addition to having a water level sensor to protect the internal motor.

  • Sucks in dust and particles as you work
  • 9 gallon capacity
  • Built-in water level sensor
  • Uses dust bags
  • Power cord is a bit short


As you’re drilling holes into concrete and whatnot, ever notice all the dust that flies out? Well, the Bosch Vacuum strapped to your tools can make that stuff almost disappear. It has so much suction power that you’ll never see the dust fly from your Bosch power tools again. The Karcher WD4 surely doesn’t do that.

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Speed & Efficiency

The Bosch Vacuum is a pseudo-handheld vacuum, but also a dust extractor. How efficient it can be is easily seen when in operation. Normally you’d see dust explode from your drill point—not so with the Bosch Vacuum. It sucks it right up before it can be breathed in (but still wear a mask anyway).

Bin Capacity & Maintenance

Since this Bosch canister vacuum is constantly at work, it needs plenty of attention and maintenance to provide peak performance at all times. Remember: this isn’t a machine you operate after the fact—it’s used while you work, so expect to swap out filters and wipe it down frequently. But hey, 9 gallons is a lot to carry, and not too far from the 16 gallons the DeWalt Vacuum holds.

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Unlike cordless impact wet dry vacuums, the vacuum hose on the Bosch Vacuum is exceptionally good. In fact, Bosch can’t afford to choose anything else. If you’re sucking up dust constantly, the hose and the vacuum absolutely need to be sturdy. But that’s nothing compared to the stainless steel Ridgid Vacuum Cleaner or the Bissell pet hair eraser lithium-ion hand handheld cordless vacuum.


Picking up a corded Bosch shop vacuum will always provide a bit more value than cordless vacuum cleaners ever could, just from its consistent performance alone. And that includes its Bare tools lineup. The biggest value you get from it isn’t just its features, but the fact that it sucks up dust and debris that would otherwise be breathed by you or your workers. It pays to have a safer work environment.

While the value on this unit is impressive, you might find that nothing comes close to a Dyson. You can read more about this brand in our Dyson cyclone V10 absolute lightweight cordless stick vacuum cleaner review.

Bosch Vacuum Wrap Up

Having a Bosch Vacuum sucking up dirt and debris as you work is such a unique feature. That alone should interest you—especially if you have an interest in keeping your workers (or yourself) from breathing in that stuff. It simply isn’t safe to do. It’s so good at its job, you’ll never see that buff of dust when drilling into concrete and whatnot.

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