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From the first season and on, Bob Belcher runs a burger joint named Bob’s Burgers with his wife Linda and their three kids. Bob’s kids Tina, Louise, and Gene help run the restaurant but also try to live out their childhood at the same time, which makes for great quality family content. Throughout the series, you can expect to see Bob going through mental gymnastics to create daily specialty burgers. You can also expect the rival restaurant next door to try to outdo them at every turn. Bob’s Burgers is on our Best Shows on Hulu right under Atlanta.

Why We Like It – Bob’s Burgers Review

Bob’s Burgers is a cartoon about a family owned burger joint featuring the Belcher family. This cartoon has everything needed to be a cult classic, since this cartoon is lovable to the level of The Simpsons or Family Guy. Every episode is a bonanza of laughs because of the epic adventures and mishaps that happen to this lovable family.

  • Family friendly fun
  • Many seasons to binge
  • Needs new characters


The show gives off a warm friendly vibe that is perfect for people of all ages to enjoy. We must give it up to the writers for maintaining an entertaining show for 10 seasons now. Every episode brings in something new, there are hardly any dull moments when you have Bob’s mishaps, Linda’s new ideas, Louise’s schemes, Tina’s crushes, and Gene’s randomness to keep the show going.


We have Loren Bouchard to thank for producing this cult classic cartoon. John Roberts stars as Linda Belcher, Bob’s wife. The cartoon style is similar to something like the simpsons except there is a realistic skin tone to everybody. The situations they face are usually all regular life events so there isn’t much suspension of belief going on with us as they reflect real life but in cartoon form. After this cartoon if you feel like watching something with really great actors my suggestion is The Handmaid’s Tale.


This show is truly a cult classic so it is a must watch for people all across the spectrum. Parents and kids will equally love this cartoon because of its hilarious moments in the restaurant with Bob and the family. This show has the power to be popular for quite a long time, and truly deserves the same recognition as a show like The Simpsons. Cartoons are a staple in my watch lists, but if you happen to feel like you’re too old for cartoons there are more mature series to watch like The Act.

Bob’s Burgers Review Wrap Up

Bob’s burgers is an excellent show to binge because their adventures in the restaurant will make the 10 seasons fly by with laughs every time. This is a great series because the character’s personalities are very lovable and seeing them go through work in the restaurant business is the most fun i’ve seen in a cartoon for a while.

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