53 of the Best Movies Streaming on Netflix for 2012 (list)

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Updated January 24, 2023

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It’s almost time to close out 2012 and welcome 2013, but before you bid adieu to this year, take some time catching up on some of the best movies streaming on Netflix. Whether you like thrillers, comedies or action movies, this list has something for everyone! So as you get ready for the impending holiday season and all the stress, commotion and exhaustion that comes with it, relax with a few good flicks! In fact, you can watch these movies from the best streaming services.


10. Warrior


A great movie for those who enjoy MMA! It’s about how two brothers train for the same MMA tournament only to become the last two standing at the end. Do you like action movies? Check out the best action movies streaming on Netflix.

9. Super 8

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The sci-fi thriller about kids from a small town who are filming their own movie get caught up in some out of this world adventures as they help uncover the mystery that has shocked their whole town.

8. Braveheart

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Mel Gibson is phenomenal in this historical action flick that portrays William Wallace, a 13th century Scottish warrior who led the Scots in the Frist War of Scottish Independence against King Edward I of England. If you want to check out other great movie suggestions from Netflix, we’ve got great suggestions for you in our best shows on Netflix guide.

7. Mission Impossible I

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Tom Cruise plays an American agent who is framed as being disloyal and must discover and expose the real spy without the help of his organization.

6. Mission Impossible III


The action from the first movie continues as Tom Cruise reprises his role as Ethan Hunt where he comes face-to-face with the dangerous and sadistic arms dealer trying to keep his identity secret in order to protect his girlfriend.

5. True Grit

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Part western and action, this flick stars Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon and follows a tough US Marshal who helps a stubborn young woman track down her father’s murderer.

4. Black Hawk Down

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The American war drama/action flick chronicles the events of the Battle of Mogadishu as 123 elite US soldiers drop in to Somalia to capture two top lieutenants of a renegade warlord and find themselves in a desperate battle.

3. IP Man

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The semi-biographical martial arts film is loosely based on the life of Yip Man, a grandmaster of the marital art Wing Chun and master of Bruce Lee.

2. Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid

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The classic western is about two bank/train robbers who flee to Boliva when the law gets a little too close for comfort.

1. Snatch

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The crime film tells the story of a group of scandalous people, including unscrupulous boxing promoters, violent bookmarkers, a Russian gangster, and more as they all fight to track down a priceless stolen diamond.


10. Big Lebowski

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The hilarious comedy is about this dude Lebowski who is mistaken for a millionaire, and seeks restitution for his ruined rug. He then gets his bowling buddies to help get it, which leads to a crazy journey.

9. Team America: World Police

2004 team america world police 3

The creators of South Park are at it again, this time with puppets! The comedy is about how a popular Broadway actor is recruited by the elite counter-terrorism organization and how he battles terrorists, celebrities and falling in love.

8. Tommy Boy


Former “Saturday Night Live” colleagues Chris Farley and David Spade will make you laugh in this American road comedy that follows a stupid heir to an auto parts factory who must save the day to keep his dad’s business out of the hands of his new, con-artist relatives who want to sell the company.

7. Office Space

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Going to work can suck for many and this movie sums it up perfectly! The comedy was the inspiration for the hit TV show and satirizes work life in a typical 1990s software company.

6. Beverly Hills Cop

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Eddie Murphy stars in this iconic comedic flick that has him playing a freewheeling Detroit copy pursuing a murder investigation who finds himself dealing with the different culture of Beverly Hills.

5. Coming To America

coming to america

This has to be one of Eddie Murphy’s best movies to date! He’s all laughs in this role where he plays a royal prince from Africa trying to find his queen in Queens, NY.

4. Teen Wolf

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Besides Back to the Future, Michael J Fox’s other memorable flick was teen wolf, where he realizes he’s a wolf and tries to make the best of it while still in high school.

3. Swingers

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Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau are best buds in this comedy about the lives of single, unemployed actors living in Hollywood, as Favreau tries to deal with a hard breakup and Vaughn tries to keep sane by taking him out on the town.

2. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

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This might sound like a child’s film, but it’s not. Instead it’s a musical tragicomedy miniseries in three acts that stars Neil Patrick Harris who plays Dr. Horrible, an aspiring supervillian and his video blogs as he battles Captain Hammer as his nemesis and their shared love interest Penny.

1. Adaptation


Spike Jones directs this comedy about a lovelorn screenwriter who turns to his much less talented twin brother for help to adapt a non-fiction book.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy

5. Donnie Darko

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This crazy, out there move about a troubled teen plagued by visions of a large rabbit somehow manipulates him to commit a series of crimes will definitely keep you entertained on a Friday night.

4. RoboCop


In a crime-infested Detroit of the future, a terminally-wounded cop gets a second chance as a powerful cyborg submerged with memories that haunt him.

3. Labyrinth

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Directed by Jim Henson and staring David Bowie, this fantasy film is filled with lots of interesting creatures as teenager Sarah needs to save her baby half-brother from the Goblin king.

2. The Dark Crystal

Amsel DarkCrystal 650x898 1Here’s another fantasy flick directed by Jim Henson that dramatizes the story of Jen, an elf-like creature to restore balance to his alien world by returning a lost shard to a powerful broken gem.

1. Planet of the Apes

planetapes 650x375 1

A crew of astronauts crash and land on a planet in the future where talking apes rule and humans are their slaves. An iconic sci-fi flick that is a must-watch!


8. Ronin


Robert De Niro stars in this epic thriller that has him starring as a freelancing former US intelligence agent who tires to track down a mysterious package that the Irish and Russians are also both in search of .

7. Out of Sight

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The beautiful Jennifer Lopez and the handsome George Clooney make for a good looking cast in this flick that’s about a career bank robber who breaks out of jail and shares a moment of attraction with a US Marshall he kidnapped.

6. Drive


A Hollywood stuntman, mechanic and getaway driver lands himself in some serious trouble after he helps out his neighbor in this thrilling movie!

5. Reservoir Dogs

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Quentin Tarantino’s thriller is a series flick about a what happens after a simple jewelry heist goes wrong and the surviving criminals start to suspect how each of one is the police informant.

4. The Game

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Michael Dougles and Sean Penn star in this flick about Nicolas Van Orton, who is a rich financier who gets a strange birthday gift from his wayward brother Conrad, which then becomes a live-action game that consumers his entire life.

3. Memento


You’re be on the edge of your seat with this movie about a man that suffers from short-term memory loss and uses notes and tattoos to hunt for the killer of his dead wife.

2. Glengarry Glen Ross

Glengarry Glen Ross

The flick stars Al Pacino and Alec Baldwin and examines the machinations behind the scenes at a real estate office.

1. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

girl with the dragon tattoo ver3

This is the original movie before the huge box office in 2011 came out about how a journalist helps in the search of a woman how has gone missing for more than 40 years and is helped by a trouble young female hacker with a past of her own.


9. Cocaine Cowboys

2006 cocaine cowboys 2 650x488 1

Lean about how ruthless Colombian cocaine barons invaded Miami in the 80s, brining a brand of violence unseen in the States since Prohibition-era Chicago.

8. Restrepo


This war documentary will definitely have you thinking about what it takes to serve this country as it spends one year with a platoon in the deadliest valley in Afghanistan.

7. Exit Through the Gift Shop

Banksy Exit Through The Gift Shop Movie1

Street artist Banksy is an infamous name in the art world and this doc tells the story of how an eccentric French shop keeper and amateur film maker try to locate and befriend Bansky, only to have him turn the camera back on its owner.

6. Senna

senna movie poster1d

This heartfelt documentary will take you into the life, career and ultimate death of Brazilian F1 racing driver Ayrton Senna.

5. Pulling John

pulling john

This one is about John Brzenk who is troubled by when to call it quits and contemplates if he should retire when he’s on top or wait until someone takes his title in arm wrestling.

4. Science of Dogs

science of dogs

Learn more about man’s best friend in this National Geographic documentary that goes in-depth on the variety of dogs on Earth and their history as pets.

3. Freakonomics

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Made up of a collection of documentaries, this flick explores the hidden side of human nature through the use of science and economics, which makes for interesting stuff.

2. The Corporation

the corporation

This documentary looks deep into the concept of the corporation throughout recent history up to its present-day dominance.

1. Revenge of the Electric Car

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With the rise of environmentally friendly cars, this documentary takes us behind the closed doors of Nissan, GM and the Silicon Valley start-up Tesla Motors to chronicle the story of the global resurgence of electric cars.


10. The Fighter

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This bio-drama looks back on the early years of boxer “Irish” Micky Ward and his brother who helped him train before going pro in the mid-80s and stars Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg.

9. A Bronx Tale

Robert De Niro stars and directs this flick that’s about a father who become worried when his son becomes part of a local gangster’s crew in the Bronx in the 60s.

8. Traffic

traffic poster2

With a stellar cast, this flick tells the story of a conservative judge appointed by the President to spearhead America’s rising war on drugs, only to find his teenage daughter is an addict.

7. Rain Man

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Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman star in the iconic movie about a selfish yuppie who travels cross-country with his savant brother Raymond after their fathers leaves Raymond all the family money.

6. Chinatown

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A private detective investigates an adultery case and stumbles on a scheme of murder that is related to water in this crime drama, starring Jack Nicholson.

5. Trainspotting

297386.1020.A 650x463 1Danny Boyle directs this crazy movie about a guy named Renton who tries to clean up and get out of Edinburgh’s drug scene despite the allure of the drugs and influence of his friends.

4. Boyz n the Hood

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The crime drama is about a group of childhood friends who grow up in the hood in LA and face struggles of gang related deaths and more.

3. Bad Boys

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Will Smith and Martin Lawrence play two hip Miami detectives who get caught up in a murder investigation where they need to protect a vital witness needed to solve the crime.

2. Half Nelson

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Ryan Gosling stars in the drama about an inner-city junior high school teacher with a drug habit who forms an unlikely friendship with one of his students after she discovers his secret.

1. The Graduate

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Recent college grad Benjamin Braddock (played by Dustin Hoffman) is trapped in an affair with Mrs. Robinson, who just so happens to be the wife of his father’s business partner and then he finds himself falling in love with her daughter, making for a complicated love affair.