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Atrix VACBP1 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re on the market for your own personal HEPA vacuum, the best backpack vacuum cleaner is the Atrix VACBP1. It’s small, compact, easy to wield, but more importantly: it packs mean cleaning power, all 1400 watts of it. You even save yourself some money considering it uses a reusable shake out bag. Find more vacuum options by reading our best vacuum cleaner reviews.

Why We Like It – Atrix VACBP1

The Atrix VACBP1 is the ideal option for those wanting the superior HEPA performance of commercial backpack vacuums, but for their own at-home usage.

  • 1400 watts of cleaning power
  • Shake out bag means no vacuum bags required
  • Great option for residential use
  • So-so build quality
  • Very short power cord


You wouldn’t think, after once glance, that the tiny design of the Atrix Ergo Backpack had so much power. Under its thick plastic shell is 1400 watts of cleaning power, with 120V. Despite its powerful suction, it doesn’t hinder the spinning turbo brush when used on carpets. Its power and design is similar to the Makita backpack vacuum.

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Speed & Efficiency

All that power has to do something, right? It improves the overall efficiency by having 106 CFM, which is 106 cubic feet per minute. And since it’s so powerful, you hardly have to go over a spot more than once. A more important aspect is the HEPA filtration system; it captures ultrafine particles inside the HEPA bag, which can be emptied and reused!

Bin Capacity & Maintenance

Despite its small size, it even carries a lot in its shake out bag, a whole 2 gallons! That’s 0.5 gallons over the more expensive Koblenz Vacuum BP-1400. However, this does mean the bag will need to be maintained every now and then, just to prevent build up.

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The Atrix Backpack HEPA Vacuum Blower isn’t winning any awards in durability anytime soon. Compared to the Hoover Commercial C2401, the Atrix VACBP1 looks like a toy. It isn’t going to fall apart on you, but tossing it around is a surefire way of getting rid of it. It’s also unfortunate that the power cord is so small, just 3 feet, that you’ll need an extension cord.


The most value you can extract from the Atrix VACBP1 is when it’s used in a residential setting, like yourself when you’re at home. That’s not to say that it can’t be used at a small business, because it definitely can, but it’s more at home when—well, when you’re home. If you want something for your business, you’ll get more value out of the ProTeam ProVac FS6.

Atrix VACBP1 Wrap Up

For those looking to trap nasty pollutants at home, the Atrix VACBP1 is your go-to. It’s small, compact, and surprisingly powerful despite its size, all 1400 watts. And since you never have to use vacuum bags, you save yourself a lot of money. To circumvent its so-so exterior build quality, don’t toss it around.

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