Amped Wireless TAP-EX Range Extender Review: Your WiFi Wants This

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Updated July 31, 2022
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My smartphone and laptop are fantastic devices. But without WiFi, they’re a few hairs away from being glorified paperweights. So when the WiFi signal runs dry in my home, I grit my teeth and white knuckle my fists in frustration. But not any more thanks to Amped Wireless’ TAP-EX Range Extender. It is a great gadget to have along with the best router.

I know, I know. That endorsement sounds about as “paid for by the makers of…” as it gets. But honestly, the TAP-EX has been a blessing to my home’s wireless network. But before I get into why it’s a great device like Linksys routers or D-Link Wireless routers, let me tell you a bit about this ranger extender. For another similar unit, check out the WiFi extender for Fios.

The front and center is a small screen. But not just a screen, a touchscreen. Unfortunately, it’s a bit on the low rez side, but that’s fairly moot and largely a product of my smartphone-trained brain whose expectations are HD inflated. Moreover, it’s nowhere as accurate as a smartphone’s screen, but in the case of setup and modification, it serves its purpose just fine. Just expect to use the delete button, as I did, when you’re entering your router’s password. But you see, therein lies the beauty of the TAP-EX; you don’t need a computer or smartphone to get it set up and running.

To set it up, you just need to plug it in, tap “setup wizard”, let it scan for your router, select it and then enter your router’s WiFi password. If you so choose the TAP-EX can mirror your router’s existing WiFi key, or you can add your own. I opted for the mirror, which is ideal for my fish-like brain and makes adding additional devices much easier. This helps speed up the process, and with a fast router like the best router for gigabit internet, I’d be on my way to a speedy Internet browsing session.

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In terms of range, Amped Wireless says that it can extend your home’s WiFi signal by as much as 10,000  sq. ft. Now, it’s hard to validate their claims (I don’t have 10,000 square feet). But, fortunately for you, my home, which is four levels, always boasts a spotty signal (on my smartphone) when I’m not on the same floor as my Netgear router. However, after adding the TAP-EX, blamo! No more wireless issues. Seriously. For another WiFi enhancer, check out the Mohu Bounce. The roof, which is two floors away, and one from the TAP-EX, now offers an unblemished signal. And what is more remarkable, is that in my living room Chromecast, which is in the same room as my router, the WiFi works much better connected to the TAP-EX, which is one floor up. Sure, maybe my router is flawed. But I’ve now been through three different brands, along with a variety of configurations, and Amped Wireless’ TAP-EX has been the only resolve. If there is such a thing as WiFi nirvana, this is it. Do you want a Wi-Fi router with parental controls that allow you to block users from accessing the home network? Click the Amped wireless ally plus wifi router review.

If I had to take issue with the TAP-EX, it would be just a few minor things. One, I already mentioned, is the fairly low rez and somewhat inaccurate screen. The other is how the TAP-EX feels in the hands. Which is downright cheap. The plastic that houses the internals feels thin and second-rate. The entire thing just lacks that solid feeling I’ve come to expect of routers that cost north of $80 – the TAP-EX is $120. But, and that’s a big BUT, that’s really no reason to turn a cheek to the TAP-EX. If you are looking for the ultimate Wi-Fi system, you need to read more about a great model in the Amplifi HD mesh Wi-Fi router review.

It’s worked flawlessly and as promised. Moreover, I’d have no regrets or hesitations in recommending it to someone who is in a comparable predicament to mine.

You can buy the Amped Wireless TAP-EX Range Extender from Amazon for $119.99.

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