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Amana Air Conditioning Systems, specifically the ASXC18, offer great energy efficiency, good warranties, and a much lower volume than you are led to believe. These are some of the reasons we consider it the best central air conditioner. And while the SEER rating may be a little high, you should always trust a professional to know what you need in your home before disregarding it.

Why We Like It – Amana Central Air Conditioner

The Amana Central Air Conditioner is a powerful and clean air conditioner that’s a lot quieter than the decibel ratings show. This is thanks to various noise-reducing features included in the fan. The Two-Stage Scroll Compressor means that the unit is also energy efficient by regulating the power consumption the unit uses to cool your home.

  • Speed Condenser Fan Motor Prevents it From Getting Too Loud
  • Energy Efficient
  • Good Warranties
  • High SEER Rating
  • Not Compatible With True HEPA Filters
  • No Factory-Approved Installers


The ASXC18 Amana AC Unit 19 SEER rating is a little high when compared to the 14-16 average for homes, but a professional installer should be able to tell you exactly what you need. The sound is about middle-ground, but you can check out the Carrier Central Air Conditioner if you want something quieter. However, the specially designed sound-control top should keep Amana products from getting too loud.

Energy Efficiency

ASXC18 Amana Air Conditioners are energy efficient owing to the two-stage compressor which regulates power usage and uses less power based on needs. Another high efficiency AC that does the same is the Goodman Air Conditioner. Amana offers models in variable speed as well, so you can check those out if you want a unit replacement too.


The ASXC18 Amana Brand Central AC Units, and other Amana products, use filters that range from MERV 8-MERV 15. The MERV series is great for catching things like dust pollen, animal dander, and other large particles. However, they are not True HEPA filters, so smaller-micron particles may be able to get through your filtration system.


ASXC18 Amana Central Air Conditioners use inverter driven compressors in ACs and heat pumps because they are owned by Daikin who has been at the forefront of developing energy-efficient compressors. The unit size ranges depending on the weight of the unit, but the size is always fairly standard. Like the Goodman GSX13 and other Goodman products, there are no Factory Approved Installers available and you must rely on HVAC installers.


ASXC18 Amana Central Air Conditioners sports ComfortBridge Technology which continuously monitors indoor performance for indoor comfort. Installation costs vary, but make sure you get a few quotes before committing. Amana offers various warranties such as a lifetime unit replacement warranty and a 10 year parts limited warranty, which is always welcome.

Amana Central Air Conditioners Wrap Up

The one drawback of the Amana Central Air Conditioner, like Goodman Air Conditioners, is the lack of Factory-Designated Installers. You shouldn’t skimp on this with ACs. A properly installed unit runs more efficiently, for longer, and with better results. Still, it may be a little rude not to trust an HVAC Specialist just because he doesn’t have this specific certification.

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