Are the best shows on Amazon worth it?

Amazon recently announced that they will be increasing the price of their Prime service to $99 a year. That’s a $20 increase from $79 a year so let us help you make your decision with our Amazon Prime review. While this may seem like a huge bump in your planned budget, you’ve got to take into account that Amazon has been running at a loss for quite some time in order to gain and hold dominance of online purchasing. Those in the know have expected the price increase to come eventually, and due to Amazon’s quarterly earnings report, the time is now. Don’t let it put you off though, the benefits of having an Amazon Prime account haven’t diminished, and are still competitive to the alternatives. As we are sure many of you are wondering if Amazon is still worth it, we’ve compiled a list to help guide your decision.

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What is Amazon Prime

Price Per Year$99
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2-Day Free Shippinggreen-check-mark
Unlimited Prime Movies and TV Showsgreen-check-mark
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1. Price per Month Isn’t That Bad

Amazon Prime

With the current pricing schedule being $99 per year, your cost per month for Amazon Prime was $8.25/month. With the cost for a prime account going up $20 a year to $99, you’ll now have to budget for 8.25 a month. That’s less than having two Venti Caramel Frappuccino’s at Starbucks. If broken down monthly, the price increase is only $1.67. You probably have more than that just sitting in that random spot where you keep your change.

2. Amazon Prime Student Pricing and 6-month Free Trial

And if you’re a student, Amazon offers a 6-month free trial but that’s not all: Amazon Prime for students is just $49/year!  You’ll need a .edu email address to qualify but if so, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of Amazon Prime, which includes 2-day free shipping and unlimited streaming of Amazon Prime movies and TV shows, which you can download (some) to your mobile device.

6 Month Free Trial

3. Still Competitive with Netflix

Prime Streaming

Netflix currently charges $7.99 a month for access to their streaming titles. That’s it. $7.99 doesn’t get you a DVD in the mail once a month, nor any of Amazon Prime’s other offered services. While Netflix has a very robust library of TV Shows you can stream, they’ve recently lost a significant amount of Movie titles from their available streaming options. Amazon however, has been increasing their movie library and even have many cult films that you aren’t likely going to find on Netflix. The $.26 a month difference between each is negligible, and may just be likely to shrink if Netflix opts to increase their subscription costs which is somewhat likely since they’ve opted to pay ISP’s for Bandwidth usage. F&c*ing Politicians!

30-day Free Trial

4. Free Kindle Access


Having an Amazon Prime Account gives you access to 500,000 Kindle titles. Sure, you’ll probably have to access them via Amazon’s free Kindle reading app if you don’t own a Kindle device of your own, but hey, an e-reader is an e-reader, right? How often have you been told about a book that you’ve decided you want to read only to either completely forget the title or forget to head to a physical book store? It’s happened to us twice in the last week alone. With Amazon, all you have to do is type it into the search box and if it’s available, download it.

5. “Free” Two-Day Shipping

Prime ShippingAPrime Kindle

This. The biggest perk of having an Amazon Prime account is the free two day shipping on select products. Of course, Amazon couldn’t and wouldn’t apply free shipping to everything they offer, that’s just ridiculous. There are, however, thousands upon thousands of items that are qualified for Prime shipping, all of which can be yours with the simple click of a mouse button. Before Prime, people would have to add an item to checkout, see how much the shipping would cost and then compare that total with going to a physical store and picking up the product themselves. Prime relives people of this hassle as shipping costs become irrelevant.

30-day Free Trial

6. Great for Small Businesses

Diverse business group meeting

For those running their own companies, either out of home or in a rented space, Prime is virtually a must have. Especially if your business requires stationary, jump drives or sand for ashtrays. Yes, there are other retailer’s that provide these things through online shops, but how many of them ship to your office for free? Those that do tend to have higher costs per item, not always of course, but often enough to be used here. Also, for a business, $99 a year for shipping costs is amazing. A box of pens and 10 reams of paper can cost that much to ship alone, dropping Prime for a price increase of this size is absurd.

7. Impulse Buyer’s Dream

Prime History

We’ve all been there. You’re in one store or another and you’ve picked up all the items you require only to step into the cue and see two or three more products that you want at relatively low prices. What do you do in that situation? More than likely, you pick up at least one of those items, thinking you’ve saved yourself another trip. The same thing applies here with Amazon Prime. Amazon, like Google and the oh so many other online companies, tracks what you’ve viewed and purchased and makes recommendations to you based on your personal history. While it may seem like an invasion of your privacy, it helps to guarantee that you are rarely presented with recommended products that you don’t need or want, making your impulse buys far less wasteful. We’ve been saved on several occasions by adding one or two three dollar purchases to an Amazon order only to find out that it was something I really needed just a few days after delivery.

30-day Free Trial

8. Get it ASAP

Prime Flash

Yes, there are occasions in which you may find a product available online for a few dollars cheaper than you would on Amazon including shipping costs. In times like those, not choosing that option is silly, especially when you don’t need that item in hand right away. Prime’s 2-day shipping comes in handy most when you’ve realized that you’re out of an item you desperately need in hand immediately. In those cases, price isn’t the largest factor, speed is. If you’ve got a Prime account, you can be certain, that if the product is listed with “Free 2 day shipping”, that the delivery truck will be stopping by in two days’ time without the added cost of rush delivery. This came in handy when a spur of the moment camping trip came up and we were short on camping supplies. We even got the stuff delivered to the campsite office the day we checked in.

30-day Free Trial

9. Consolidation of Payments

Prime what you get

Amazon hit a home run when the made the decision to include access to streaming TV and movies, Shipping, eBooks and special discounts together under one service with a single bill. Sure, they’ve increased their competitors by doing so, but at the same time, they nearly negate the need for their customers to even consider their competitors. With all the services encompassed under the Prime banner, subscribers have little incentive to go to for household items. They’re also less likely to sign up for Netflix or Hulu, although exclusive shows such as Orange is the New Black and House of Cards are completely valid reasons to subscribe to both. If you’re starting a new family and expendable cash isn’t something that’s in excess, Amazon Prime will continue to be a benefit to you. Allotting $8.25 a month to keep you, your spouse and child(ren) entertained all year, while also being able to have necessities such as diapers, formula and ever changing sizes of children’s clothes delivered to your doorstep is indispensable.


There ya go folks – thanks for reading our Amazon Prime review! If you’re seriously considering whether or not you should keep your Amazon Prime account going, we’ve given you eight good reasons to do so. They can also be reason not to, depending on your needs. We’re not here to tell you that it’s a requirement or that it’s a service that you really need to have, we just want to help you make your own, well informed decision. If what we have listed above doesn’t apply to you, then you may end up choosing to end your Prime membership at the end of your next billing cycle. Whichever you choose, make sure the decision is right for you.

Just remember, you qualify for a 30-day free trial, which includes all of the benefits; 2-day free shipping, discounts on select products, and unlimited streaming of Amazon Prime movies and tv shows.

And if you’re a student, make sure you sign up as one.  You’ll just need a .edu email address.  And with it, you’ll score a 6-month (yes 6-months!!) free trial and access to two day free shipping + Amazon Prime movies and tv shows.

Also, you can still get in on the lower price of $79.00 per year (now expired as of 3/29/2016) if you sign up for Prime before March 20th. That’s one week from today folks. If you’re not quite ready to drop $79 right now, Amazon’s offering a free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime which will lock you in to the lower annual price before the increase is implemented. If you chose that Amazon Prime isn’t for you, just cancel your Prime subscription before Amazon auto-withdraws the subscription funds before your 30 days are up.

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  1. Wow good thing I read reviews!I was just going to order Amazon Prime,not going to get scammed.thank you for the warning!!

  2. Prime is a waste of money! I order many things listed with the ‘Prime’ service and most of the time my items never even arrive. Amazon routinely claims that the delivery company completed an order and has called or left the package in my mailbox. When I research these deliveries that Amazon has supposedly made, I can prove irrefutably that on one such occasion no delivery agent even showed up. They then go on to lie about their efforts to get in touch, making any unsuccessful delivery the customers fault.

  3. The Prime membership was good when it first started but now it’s more of a hassle than anything. It’s very rare that you have a prime item shipped within the 2 day period that is offered. Then after a week when you call to find out where it is you get someone in another country that you can’t understand and they give you a million excuses as to why you don’t have it. All the while “assuring” you that it will be delivered by a certain day. So you’re paying the $99 up front for Prime membership but not getting what you’ve paid for in the end.

  4. I am on the free trial… it always says free two day shipping.. NOT!
    I have made two orders, it has been four days, neither item has yet shipped. It is no faster than a normal order.

  5. Be careful. Amazon will draw you in to a show, then half way through want you to purchase the rest the seasons. I wouldn’t pay the annual. Just purchase the monthly to get the shipping cut. View the rest as a benefit understanding there are bait and switch video s. Then if your not purchasing, end the subscription and only bite when needed.

  6. I love Prime. But reality is they should not word “Buy” on videos. Your not buying. Once you leave Prime its not owned. I pay $13.99 for Spotify, $9.99 Hulu, Amazon $9 and Netflix $13.99. If you don’t have Cable Then its like $50 but you add Cable its $100 a month. But you get so much more with Prime but you can’t use it if they charge you $200 a year which will happen.

  7. I felt that I was seriously mislead by the available titles for prime reading and music. I thought that this was a good deal given the free shipping etc. The advertisements sounded like you would have access to hundreds of thousands of books and music albums. The selection of books and albums are paltry. The reading selection is about 900~ books that you can choose 1 per month. The albums are old and missing some prominent artists. I tried to cancel but no joy. My bad for not doing due diligence. My advice, don’t get it unless you want the free 2 day shipping. At this point, I am doubtful that I will actually get free 2 day shipping either.

    1. Bob, we’re you just looking for the streaming option? Because they offer that as a stand alone as well. However, it sounds like your experience wasn’t what you were expecting. That said, how many books did you expect?

  8. We enjoy Amazon Prime as we often last minute shop and place many small orders. With young ones in the house an Amazon purchase delivered to us often beats trips to various stores and Amazon acts as our one-stop shop. The issue is Amazon refusing to simply acknowledge many carriers do not deliver on Sunday. Instead, we get a blatantly false “package undeliverable due to address issue” alert for most Sunday deliveries. I then have to log into the account, find the order “update” delivery with where to leave the package. The package gets delivered Monday. Lo and behold it has the correct address. Would prefer 2-day delivery, 3-day if delivery falls on Sunday statement. An honest 3-day notice is preferable to false 2-day guarantee that cannot be met.

    1. Hi Xenja, i know your pain all too well. Have you call Amazon directly to see if they can help? I generally find that speaking to someone could solve the issue in the long term. Their number: 1 (888) 280-4331

  9. I was a prime member for about 2 years. I just cancelled my membership today. Why? Another package did not arrive on time. You pay $104 To ensure you get 2 day shipping and 50% of the time the package will not arrive on 2 days. 90% of the time its 3 days. Which is the average time other stores take to ship items. When you talk to customer service they always offer 1 month extension on prime and they offer for you to either replace the item you ordered or refund your order. Every single time. But this gets redundant. Prime is a waist of money. I use to shop on Amazon all the time but after how many “delayed” and “lost” packages I got I stopped shopping on Amazon and looked elsewhere. 25% off items for prime is bs also. They will mark up the item then take the 25% off. Search on Amazon more for the item you are looking for. You can find the same exact item for cheaper than 25% off. And it will probably get to you sooner without prime. Even talking to the customer service, I told her I wanted to cancel prime and she just said ok I’ll send a refund. She didn’t try to give a deal or anything. Shows how much they care about their members.

    1. You go on Amazon shpiing, find the item you want and it says “this is an add on item, spend $35 to get free 2 day shipping”, so you think, no problem. I need TP, batteries, paper towels, etc. So you pick out TP, and it says “this is an Amazon pantry item, fill box to 100% to get free shipping” so you start picking items to fill the box to 100%, but no matter what you add or subtract from your list ever brings it to 100% even so you start doing math trying to figure out how to keep it at one box to avoid the 5.99 shopping fee, but you go through the items over and over and can never meet the 100%, so eventually you just accept the 5.99 fee, on top of the fact that you are already paying monthly fee to shop with amazon “free” 2 day shipping. Then you get back to the original item that is an “add on item” and requires that you spend $35 per order, so you start thinking about what else you need. This brings you to the list of “prime” purchases that are available to add to your order. Many enticing things that you will never need or never use come into picture, and you know you need to make that $35 mark, so you just start adding stuff, Chinese made junk product one after the other until you can get that sweet sweet 2 day “free” shipping all so you can that one item you came for. At this point you have spent over $200 because you had to fill that pantry box, but it went over, so you gave up and decided to just pay the damn shipping because you’ve spent way to much time doing math to figure that shit out. Now you are ready to place your order. In one click it’s done. Huff. What a relief, I just wanted my damn thing, but now I’m relieved of the stress the damn thing brought so I wait. This is EVERY shopping experience I have had with Amazon shopping.

  10. AMazon Prime is garbage. 25% of my orders didn’t make it in two days. 5% of my orders never were filled and I had to talk to Amazon MULTIPLE times to fix these issues. The only way to stop the autorenew it to either cancel your membership early or contact Amazon so that they can change your settings.

    It is predatory, useless, and designed to take your money.

    My membership ends on May 18, 2017. I stopped my membership and will not be using Amazon again.

  11. Without my approval Amazon signed me up for Amazon Prime. I was ordering some items when up pops a box saying I was signed up for Amazon Prime. There was no way to cancel. I called customer service (an oxymoron) and was informed that under one of the shipping option which says nothing about Amazon Prime they sign me up for it automatically. They had no way to know which shipping option I chose since the order had not been placed . . . and never was placed. Anyways, I was entitled to free shipping due to the total dollar amount I was ordering. Unlike their normal procedure, the Amazon Prime did not show up in the Cart and could not be removed. They did cancel the Amazon Prime and said that, if I ever do sign up for Amazon Prime, I do not get the 30 day free trial period. And, they just assumed I would finish placing my order.

  12. Prime has been a lifesaver to me! I can dream of an item and POOF! It appears! I only wish that I lived in a big city so one-day delivery was free too! We only buy items on Amazon that are included in Amazon Prime. I love the first reads and Prime reads options it’s like Birthday everyday!!

    I love the lightning deals! Prime members get early access! Saved a lot of money!

  13. I am Yogendra Kumar and I have ordered a Mobile i.e. Moto G Plus, 4th Gen (Black) on 07.02.2017. The deadline of delivery from your side was given by 09.02.2017 (Thursday) to me. But, I didn’t get my product till now. Your CCE promise to serve a good service. they said that the order will be delivered by 09.02.2017 at any cost to you, but its not true. They don’t care their customer at all. And I am unhappy with your service. I wish that I don’t book any order from our company.

  14. I got scammed while using Amazon Prime which means I got scammed by the seller and Amazon. The product was supposedly an Amazon ‘Bestseller’ which in a way lures customers and then the seller scammed a number of people across the USA and never got back. The product was delivered to the wrong addresses in all instances and Amazon being Amazon is happily unaware about the repercussions of this. So i don’t know what difference PRIME makes as its been over two weeks and the product is still in transit.

    1. Hi Melissa, in my experience, simply writing to Amazon will get this resolved. They’ll either send from another seller at no additional cost to you or refund the money. That said, Prime is only offered via Amazon, so I’m not sure how another seller, not fulfilled by Amazon, would be shipping via Prime.

  15. I wanted to try the 30 day trial. At the end of it, there was no email, no warning that I have to pay the full amount at one go, no option to pay in monthly installments. Just the full amount taken out of direct debit! When enquired, they admit to not mailing you, but they also claim that the money or no part of it can be refunded! It is a scam! I requested them to pro rata the amount and return what will not be used. They declined. I do not need the full year membership as I’m moving out of the UK! That is why I signed up for the 30 day trial membership. A company that does things sneakily and is not fair to its customers will not do well in the long run! Ethics and values need to be strong even when you are doing well in the market.#YouStoleMyMoney #CorporateTheives#AmazonCheats

    1. Satish, the 30 days trial lets you cancel before 30days and get your money back. Did you go over 30 days?

      1. If you sign up for the 30 day triak they will stilk charge you $11.98 within a 24 hour period. If you call to complain they state it takes 5 business days to return half the funds. Then one day later they go through all your credit or debit cards listed and start charging those also. It is a scam now and a major hassle so I advise not to sign up. 06/11/2017

  16. What joke. I am still on the free month trial. I live in a major city in which same day shipping is promised. First item same day shipping took 3 days, with the excuse that the weather was bad. Lame excise- the weather was just fine. Second item guaranteed two day shipping. Nope- 5 days! Get it together. Amazon. I should add that I am in Canada so we don’t even get music streaming included, but are charged the same as US customers. The Canadian Prime Video is beyond pathetic. Almost all the movies are available on Netflix. I will not renew past the trial period. They could have at least tried to impress me during a trial.

  17. Not worth it!
    There are no guarantees what so ever that your items will arrive on time. Packaging for shipping is atrocious. Prices are not cheaper than on other sites and sometimes more expensive. Many of the items are cheap knock-offs.
    Video selection is very limited and hard to navigate.
    Pound for pound, I’d stick with smaller companies. They’re easier to deal with and tend to stand by their product.

  18. I have had a Prime membership for 2 years. It was great in the beginning but recently many of the Prime items I have ordered are not received in 2 days even though it clearly stated on the item the receive by date. I’ve called Amazon to tell them this is false advertising. Their response was they have no control over the shipping.

  19. 11/15/18 I signed up for the 30 DAY FREE TRIAL , on 11/15/18 I was chanrged $ 99.00 for the 30 day FREE TRIAL!! first, that’s not what they advertise, they say they bill you at the end of the 30 days, I was billed day 1, now I’m short $ 99.00 that I was not planning on being short, now I have to call Amazon, explain this, argue with the guy who only want’s to refund me $ 91.08… so I have to argue more, I want the full $99.00 back since Amazon Prime should never have charged it in the first place. They got my money day one, but I have to wait 3-5 business days to get MY money back….. not good, not what they advertised. I would say stay away from them,

    1. Crystal, this sounds concerning to say the least. But are you sure you didn’t have Amazon Prime once before? That said, I’ve found that their customer service, via their website and help center, can be quite fast and helpful.

  20. So incredibly FRUSTRATED with Amazon Prime! Multiple purchases of mine were promised to be delivered on a certain date and were not. I repeatedly checked my order status and all evening it said “arriving by 8 pm tonight”. In this instance it was important for me to get my packages when promised. Customer service was unbelievably UNHELPFUL and ended up being even more of a waste of my evening- they literally called FedEx who informed me that my package wasn’t delivered… as if I didn’t realize that. I feel like I have invested in Amazon by being a prime member and even signing up for an Amazon credit card. I will definitely reconsider purchasing off of Amazon versus dependable retailers.

  21. The biggest shortcoming to Prime for me is the fact that it encourages impulse buys then does not provide free return shipping on almost anything anymore.

    You need to diligently check to see if something has free returns. They should label their products as “Not subject to free return shipping” as opposed to expecting the consumer to check for free returns applicable to a given product. VERY MISLEADING but that’s become Amazon’s way.

  22. The movies worth watching are extra money all the rest are very old or very very bad movies your service is a waste of money

  23. Amazon Prime = BULLS#*T

    They said they attempted to deliver the package but im at Home ALL DAY and Door is Open ALL DAY. I contact them about it. They responded that nobodys at Home, I just shook my Head, and thought maybe Yes they are when I was Inside eating my Lunch and Dinner, I rush to our front Gate to see any Letter that they really went here, but NOTHING!! So there you go. BULSHIT!!

    1. Erick, that’s actually UPS, not Amazon Prime. UPS is notorious for this kind of behavior. So in this case do shoot the messenger ;).

      1. Amazon Prime has gone down the tiolet. No wonder he’s a billionaire, we give him money & we get nothing. I get charged $127 all at once w/ NO warning and poof! money is gone. The only thing I really like is the Prime Library, I don’t stream music or movies, so it’s not a big deal for me, I am so sick of these guys taking money & not delivering.

        If they used the Post Office we’d get our products faster. Every single time the USPS gets it to me a day earlier. Every time.

    2. is your address easy to find?
      because I worked for amazon as driver for a short time and because amazon give you too many parcels to deliver (180 a day) some of the driver don’t really bother to do a good look for the address because they have to finish before 6 pm, its the company policy to slave people around, shame on our government to let them do this to us.

  24. Amazon Prime is a load of rubber ducks. Don’t trust it. They charged me an additional $225 without telling me….and I didn’t even buy anything! This is a huge scam. So much for a once a year fee…

  25. No. It is not worth it the extra cost. Bottom line. Packages are not delivered on time. Amazon’s remedy is extend your prime membership for an additional month for no charge. This is a Band-Aid on a major problem with the reason for paying for the service. No thanks. I’ll just start getting my items from and going back to the box stores everything else.

  26. The customer service is so bad. They basically cannot do anything for you. The membership is so misleading. If you want to sign in prime, you must be careful.

  27. I am a huge fan of Amazon Prime. They have some of the BEST customer service I have ever experienced. I would reccomend them to ANYONE! Their return policy is probably one of the best out there.

  28. I been an Amazn Prime member for two years. I am EXTREMELY dissappointed in the service. I have found that, in most cases, the prime purchase with free prime shipping is the same or nearly the same as purchasing the less expensive option and paying for shipping. DISSAPPOINTING!
    And……about the movies…..HA! Anything good you have to pay for. You cant even find old stuff like The Blues Brothers, without incurring extra charges.
    At the end of this term, Prime is dead. Where it should be, in the grave!

  29. Amazon’s free two day shipping is bogus, and excuse my language absolute and total Bullsh*t. Multiple times I’ve purchased products with the free two day shipping and I haven’t received it for up to a week later at times. If you use Cr*p mail carriers you get cr*p service. Amazon should seriously reconsider their business model. Lying to customers is a bad business model. Guaranteeing the Item will be there in two day and then having it arrive a 3-5 days later is lying to your customers. Take my advice don’t bother getting prime you will be extremely disappointed.

  30. I was a prime member. One of my many purchases was a shower head with a lifetime warranty. It broke after 10 months. The seller would not respond to emails or refund/replacement requests. Spoke with Amazon on three different occasions, each time they gave me a different answer, the last being that it would have to be returned to the manufacturer…after LESS THAN A YEAR!
    By choosing “no rush shipping” to receive a $6 credit toward Prime Pantry, it was no longer available to use after I cancelled my Prime membership after the previous incident. Customer Service is suffering drastically with Amazon lately!!!

  31. First time using Amazon prime I ordered a camera that would of been delivered well before I left for a week long vacation, planning on using the camera of course during the trip however it never showed up on time. I did some research into the local carrier ONTRAC that amazon uses and they had horrific reviews. I called them several times and they could not get ahold of the driver over multiple days- they said he’s voicemail is full?!!! I would not recommend Amazon prime after this experience, why pay for a service that you do not get in return?

  32. I recently invested in prime and am disappointed in the customer service I received and the access I had to its services. After only using the service for a couple of days I had friends over to watch Transgender which is an amazing show.

    I was unable to watch the video and got a message saying that there were technical difficulties. I called customer service and was told it would be 30 minutes to an hour and then we would be able to watch. Almost three hours later and another phone call later (from my end) which I was put on hold for some time, I was told to wait for another 30 minutes and all should be well.

    That was not the case. This was a splurge for me and I’m regretting it now. I;m supposed to get a call back which has yet to happen and at this point it’s clear that we probably won’t get to stream the content I paid for before folks have to start heading home.

    The customer service professionals that I spoke with were polite but what they told me would happen was inaccurate. It sounded on both calls that they were either reading or had memorized a script. I trusted Amazon to keep their word or at least keep in touch with me as to what was going on.

    It’s a neat idea in theory but I’m so disappointed in it this early on that I question the planning that went into it. It’s Amazon! They didn’t send an email or anything explaining that there were some issues going on.

  33. Prices keep climbing.. Our original (free for 1 month) then $79 per year, which included loads of free tv & movies..We are now paying $99 per year (8.25 per month) Now they want YOU to pay $9.99 for unlimited streaming .. This would bring up the price of Prime + Prime Unlimited streaming to $18.24 which brings the total to $218.88 per year.. That’s quite a jump from the original $79 AND we are getting less.. As far as free shipping with Prime.. It used to pay for itself.. not so any more.. You, at Amazon are going to charge yourself out of business.. It’s very disappointing.. Now I move on to the books.. I don’t know who makes the choice to break up the books into series.. These are not even ‘stand alone’ parts.. When I got my first Kindle, as a birthday present.. I was so excited, because I am an avid reader.. Some of the books I get are free for PART 1.. I might consider getting PART 2 if the book is good enough, and feels like a complete part.. but now I look ahead to see how many parts there are..because THIS one book had 10 other Parts/Books @ 2.99, which now puts the book out of my budget. THIS is not the Amazon we used to love to shop at.. So disappointed..

    1. Hey Pati, it sounds like you’re confused.

      Amazon Prime now costs $99 a year, or $10.99 a month. However, this includes BOTH Free 2 Day Shipping + Instant Unlimited Video (music) Streaming.

      The $9.99/month option is for Unlimited Streaming ONLY and doesn’t include the 2 day shipping.

      Ultimately, the two options are mutually exclusive. So you’re $218.88 per year total is incorrect.

      You can read more here:

  34. In the review they wrote “free” two day shipping.
    I think it should be wrote free “two day shipping”

    Time and time again I’ve had “two day shipping” packages arrive 3-5 days late mainly due to the lack of care from Amazon, trying to save money and using USPS.
    USPS has to be the most incompetent carrier ever..

  35. I’ve used Amazon Prime four times. After this last tenure, I’ve decide to terminate my premium membership with the multi-platform bookstore masquerading as an efficient courier service. I am simply tired of this company’s shortfalls and am unwilling to lose anymore money to what used to be the preferred alternative to eBay.

    After four different experiences with Prime, it’s time to bid it farewell. The first time I qualified for a 50% annual discount on the cost of membership for Prime, I was signed up under Amazon Student and received timely free shipments on lower-cost college textbooks. As a new mother I was eligible for Amazon Mother, essentially identical to Amazon Student, with an added benefit of swift, postage-free, two-day shipments of deeply discounted diapering merchandise. In 2014, I signed up for a year of Prime, with the caveat of a $99 price tag for twelve calendar months. I’d enjoyed access to a broader and more diverse spectrum of movies and shows than what Hulu Plus and Netflix had offered at the time.

    I cancelled Prime that following November and elected for a fourth round with Prime in May, swayed especially by the ability to pay monthly. This final time I noticed a stark decrease in access to videos; shows I’d once been able to freely view now required payment to watch–something that was more characteristic without Prime membership. Many products that were previously available at a discount with free two-day (and sometimes even same-day) shipping now were more expensive and could only be shipped in a huge “Prime Pantry” crate, which the buyer had to fill to capacity via the Web and incurred a $5.99 shipping fee. Even the remaining products that remained eligible for free two-day shipping increasingly failed to be delivered on-time, especially with the increasing concurrent utilization of Amazon’s own courier service.

    I no longer wish to lose money to this enterprise. I will no longer pay $49 or $99 annually to a corporate giant, oblivious to customer service, for “free two-day” delivery on parcels that take a week to get to me. I refuse to pay $10.99+tax monthly for an ever shrinking selection of shows and films–Netflix and even Youtube outshine in this category. Prime Pantry is ridiculous and unnecessary: I don’t ever recall anyone requesting such a disasterous feature.

    I cannot believe it took four times for me to learn my folly. It is deplorable that Amazon has transformed from this amazing discount online bookstore to the giant logistic hot mess that it currently is. Amazon only has one single redeeming quality remaining in this digital era: its broad selection of below-market-value books.

  36. I do not know if anyone else had this problem but, my card was charged $108 and some change and I do not remember signing up for the amazon prime,

    1. I bought a pair of sneakers on amazon last month and today my card was also charged $108 and some change. I didn’t sign up for prime but they debited my card, I checked the membership information but it stated that it wasn’t available due to technical problems.

  37. It’s a ripoff. Many shows and movies are NOT FREE. Including the ones I want to watch. The Man In The High Castle is NOT FREE. It’s a ripoff.
    And as far as I can determine they make ONE delivery attempt and after that who knows where your package goes.

    1. Hey Ophil, if you’re a subscriber to Amazon Prime, video or 2-day shipping, the Man in the High Castle is included. Perhaps you’re not logged in correctly?

  38. To bad that if you give a good review, somehow you are working for Amazon, but what if I say that all bad reviewers work for Netflix ???
    Speaking of which, I have Netflix and recently got “hooked” with the Amazon free trial for a month, so far, my five or six order have been in in two days and as a matter of fact one of them came in the day after the order.
    my wife is using kindle and there’s a lot of free books and of course there’s some that you have to pay for or how you think they’re gonna have any gains ???

  39. It might be worth it if the free “2 day” shipping wasn’t a fraud. Just had ANOTHER order fail to arrive on time because Amazon uses USPS .

    1. John, what part of the US do you live in? If you sent them a note, they should do something to correct this.

      1. 7 months and I have never had a single package arrived within the two-day time frame. I have called I have complained I have went round and round with customer service and I have been treated like gooey stuff. I wrote an email to Jeff Bezos because I heard that he responded and took customer service seriously. That is also not the case as I was basically told that I am just one person go ahead and cancel.

  40. No mention of AmazonMusic, which is also included in the price? Total up the cost of postage, ebooks, Netflix, Spotify, unlimited cloud storage, it all seems pretty good value to me in all honesty.

  41. I’m considering prime but the only thing that holds me back is that for the really good movies (as mentioned above) you have to still pay for the movie. Otherwise, you are getting the same service as Netflix; but at lease with Netflix (if you pay a little more than the 7.99 a month) you can order the DVD version…and not pay the inflated fees.

    I was thinking of doing this as an alternative, but from what I learned from word of mouth of other users is that the added fees over time; in actuality, do not save you any money.

    So even though the tips above are great points, do you your homework and see if it really fits your needs. For me, I don’t want to be nickel and dimed for “premium” shows that I can already get from another service provider for significantly less; but I barely watch shows but don’t want to be charged anything extra on top of any show I may watch. The rest are just bonuses if I choose Amazon for that service.

  42. Good day very nice website!! Man .. Beautiful .. Wonderful .. I’ll bookmark your web site and take the feeds additionally?I am satisfied to seek out so many helpful information here in the put up, we want develop extra strategies on this regard, thanks for sharing. . . . . .

  43. First off I think I paid $99. Why didn’t I get it for the $79 price. It’s not March 20 yet?? Second. Is there a written description touting all the great things Amazon prime does for you? Because that would be so helpful for technically challenged people like myself. I really want to take advantage of all it does. I’ve had it before andvONKY USED IT FOR THE SHIPPING. Pretty dumb I c now. So if u can send me something or direct me for a good way to take advantages of all it has to answer.
    Thanks. Patti Ann Lee

    1. The same thing happened to me as I had to pay the $99 price. as far as the free shipping it just is not true as FREE is not FREE. Look around and you will find the same item for a different price that don’t include free shipping and you will end up paying the same price.
      When my time is up I will go back to netflix.

  44. Amazon’s Customer Service (or lack there of) is HORRIBLE! Just spent over an hour being bounced around like a beach ball, and NOTHING got fixed!
    Think twice before buying from ANY company who won’t pay people in the US to do their customer service.

  45. Totally agree with the above two user reviews. Amazon prime might be ok for someone who has to make transaction in thousands of dollar to rationalize the 2 day free shipping (which actually take 3 to 4 days). If I am not interested to get the video and audio service, then there isn’t much left to do. I generally use torrent for my downloading. So the above article looks like a paid article, other no one in their sane mind would agree with it.

  46. Congratulations on landing a job as a reviewer for Amazon. Please check out the real costs of Amazon video, most of the movies cost, some over 15.00 for a single viewing and seasons of series cost over 20.00 in many cases. Free 2 day shipping (actually takes 3 or many more) is offered on all qualifying items for orders in excess of 25.00. I have to ask, what is your point, when people look into the service they will know the truth. BTW Amazon also charges more for many items if you have Prime.

  47. Re: reason #2. F&c’ing politicians? This is the kind of language a hack would use on his personal blog. It’s not suitable for a legitimate website. Strive for excellence, man.

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