4K TV Study: Huge Growth Seen for 2019

So are you looking for the best outdoor TVs or indoor ones with 4K features? Then you are at the right place! One reason we keep close tabs on 4K TV prices is because they are falling so quickly: The last six months have seen 4K TVs become incredibly affordable, drawing us closer to the event horizon where “1080p” will go the same way as “VHS.” A new study from Strategy Analytics shows that the change is coming even faster than we thought. Take a look at your entertainment system, review our best 4K TVs for 2019 to find ideas, and read on to see just what’s happening in American living rooms. And make sure to check out the sweet spot for TV sizes, our best 65-inch tvs.

The data shows that around one in every eight North American homes will have a 4K TV (or at least an ultra HD screen, since 4K is a little too specific for this research). Shipments to North America have also grown by more than 70%. Around 80% of the ultra HD TVs shipped in 2015 were 50 inches or larger. Strategy Analytics has actually predicted that by 2020 all large TVs will be 4K, and around half of North American homes will have 4K.

Personally, we suspect the change will happen much faster than that, because the TV is an increasingly important part of social/family life (thanks, Netflix and HBO!) and as 4K prices continue to sink many consumers who have put off buying new TVs will jump onboard. However, the study is still fascinating because it tells us several important things.

4K TV Curved
TVs are getting bigger – and 4K is slowly taking over.

First, there’s a different between shipments and sales: That 70% growth is due to brands replacing all their old TVs with new 4K models. This is interesting because it’s going to change electronics stores and sites before changing our homes: There aren’t many 1080p TVs being made anymore, and come Christmas 2016 there won’t be many choices that aren’t 4K. This alone could shift the market this year, perhaps far beyond the 20% that Strategy Analytics predicts.

Second, there’s a reason why 80% of the ultra HD TVs have been 50 inches or larger. Obviously, Americans love big screens. We tend to have more room in our living rooms than many countries, and less inhibitions about getting large screens. This is excellent news for 4K, because as we’ve said many times before, if you aren’t getting a TV that’s larger than 50 inches or so, 4K won’t do you much good: Smaller screens just won’t show the difference in pixels to any reasonable extent.

What do you think? Will 4K TVs really reach 2 out of 10 homes this year? Do you expect lower numbers, or higher numbers?

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  1. I Just Purchased a 2017 SONY Bravia XBR 900E Series 55″ UHD T.V., Big Step Up From My 2012 SAMSUNG 51″ Plasma!!!

  2. Very well written. I love when people simplify things. Coepmetlly agree with you and glad I was introduced to your work today. Looking forward to reading more!

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