Superheroes always get the hottest chicks around and Batman (aka Bruce Wayne) definitely had his fair share of leading ladies. Here are some of his famous leading ladies of the big screen, from the TV series to the latest Batman movies starring Christian Bale and everything in between. All we can say is that for not having any real super powers and being a regular guy, he has lots of game. Even though he might not have hooked up with many in the movies, we’re still pretty sure he would have tapped all of them! Oh, and we haven’t even mentioned all his chicks from the comic books, either! And speaking of comics, take a look at the top 8 sexiest comic chicks according to us.

12. Rachel Dawes: Maggie Gyllenhaal

Katie Holmes didn’t come back for for her role as Dawes for the second, most recent Batman movie, The Dark Knight, so Maggie Gyllenhaal took her place as the new Rachel Dawes. Again, nothing too impressive. Katie Holmes is still better looking. Off the topic, if you’re looking to own a MacBook, take a look at this interesting review on the MacBook pro high pitched whining sound that some users claim is unbearable.

11. Rachel Dawes: Katie Holms

In Batman Begins, Katie Holms played Rachel Dawes, Bruce Wayne’s girlfriend. Still looking like the “girl next door,” we weren’t too impressed in his choice of a girlfriend.

10. Catwoman: Eartha Kitt

Eartha Kitt replaced Julie Newmar as Catwoman on the TV series during its third season. She gave Catwoman a bit more of sass and was a pro at purring up a storm!

9. Catwoman: Anne Hathaway

As the newest addition to play Catwoman in the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises, many have questioned this decision given she’s not one to really spike much interest in the hottie department. But who knows, she just might be the best one yet!

8. Catwoman: Julie Newmar

Julie Newmar was literally “the cat’s meow” in her portrayal of Catwoman in the TV series back in the 1966s. Still known as the original Catwoman, she was the best sex kitten around!

7. Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy: Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman got to play Poison Ivy, aka the botanical scientist Pamela Isley, in Batman & Robin (1997). She wasn’t the hottest, but she did rock that red hair pretty well.

6. Barbara Wilson/Batgirl: Alicia Silverstone

Played by Alicia Silverstone in Batman & Robin, Batgirl had these good girl gone bad thing going for her, but Silverstone could have been a bit sexier if you ask us. Yeah, she could kick ass, but kicking ass while still being sexy is what we wanted to see!

5. Julie Madison: Elle Macpherson

Played by the supermodel Elle Macpherson in Batman & Robin, Julie Madison has been known as Bruce Wayne’s society girlfriend. While she didn’t exactly have a lead role in the movie, she really did deserve more screen time.

4. Dr. Chase Meridian: Nicole Kidman

The sexy criminal psychologist that Bruce Wayne falls for in Batman Forever was definitely one of his best chicks. Played by the beautiful Nicole Kidman, her sultry and seductive demeanor had us mesmerized.

3. Sugar and Spice: Drew Barrymore and Debi Mazar

It seems Batman Forever had all the hot chicks because Drew Barrymore as Two-Face’s sweet cutie Sugar and Debi Mazar as that sultry Spice was two hotties for the price of one! Damn, that Two-Face is a lucky guy!

2. Selina Kyle/Catwoman: Michelle Pfiffer

In Tim Burton’s second Batman film, Batman Returns in 1992, Michelle Pfiffer took on the iconic role of Catwoman. By day, she was the shy and timid Selina Kyle, but by night, she stalked the streets as the seductive feline temptress. She has to still be one of the best Catwomans ever!

1. Vicki Vale: Kim Basinger

We first met the beautiful blond Vicki Vale played by Kim Basinger in Tim Burton’s first big screen version of Batman back in 1989. She was the Superman equivalent to Louis Lane and caught the interest of Bruce Wayne and his Batman alter ego.

Honorable Mention – Catwoman: Halle Berry

Even though Halle Berry’s Catwoman movie didn’t have too much to do with Batman and the fact that the movie was a flop, she still deserves to be on the list given how sexy she is in general. Hands down, her Catwoman suit was the best and she’s definitely the sexiest Catwoman ever…even better than Michelle Pfiffer!

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  1. Halle Berry’s Catwoman movie doesn’t have anything to do with Batman because it’s based on the Cat Woman Mytho’s that PREDATES Batman. Catwoman existed before Batman did but She was absorbed INTO the rising juggernaut of BATMAN! Google it.

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