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For those seeking the best router to deliver fast, reliable Wi-Fi to every corner of their reasonably sized home, let’s talk about the TP Link Archer AX6000. Featuring gigabit internet connection, and a wealth of connectivity ports, the AX6000 is more than ready to tackle a house full of devices.

Why We Like It – TP-Link Archer AX6000

The TP Link Archer AX6000 is a champion when it comes to providing high speed Wi Fi to multiple users, thanks to its performance and surplus of connectivity ports.

  • High speed, reliable performance
  • Wealth of connectivity ports
  • Ideal for multiple devices
  • Bulky design


A great method of testing a router Wi Fi is distance. In the same room, just a few feet away, the TP Link Archer AX6000 performed as intended, with speeds being over 4000Mbps on 5GHz and just above 1000Mbps on 2.4GHz. It was just a tiny step behind the Netgear Nighthawk RAX120, but faster than Netgear Orbi RBK23. Even at 40 feet, speeds were fast enough to stream 4K.

It was especially strong when multiple devices were hooked up. A handful of people can easily enjoy gigabit Wi Fi without realizing it. You can even tweak the settings through the TP Link Tether mobile app, which is really easy to use.


We aren’t knocking the AX6000’s design choices, with its almost gaming router feel to it. It’s rather bulky though. Its shape and size will take up a lot of real estate, but less so than TP-Link’s Deco Whole Home Mesh. Furthermore, the TP Link Archer AX6000 can be mounted.

The AX6000 has quite a few modern features, with tons of connectivity ports. There’s eight gigabit LAN ports in the back, with a 2.5-gigabit WAN port, USB 3.0 Type A and a USB 3.0 Type C. Not even the Eero Pro Mesh Wi-Fi System (2nd Gen) doesn’t have Ethernet ports.


The TP Link Archer AX6000 has tons of value, from high speed, reliable Wi Fi and plenty of ports to make use of. Its performance alone puts it on the map, and continues to offer more than that. And plus, TP Link routers have always had great value. However, there is a teeny tiny caveat.

To get the most value out of the TP Link Archer AX6000, you’ll need several devices. If you have a single device connected to it, many of its features remain untapped. It best serves as a companion to your home network, especially in conjunction with a smart home environment.

TP-Link Archer AX6000 Wrap Up

When it came down to the wire, the TP Link Archer AX6000 did an excellent job—especially when handling multiple clients. In fact, that’s where it shines: providing high speed, gigabit internet connection to a group of users. Its bulky design is easy to overlook once you’ve mounted it to a nearby wall.

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