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The Automatic Can Crusher Concept–No More Bruised Foreheads!

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Updated August 9, 2020


Assuming that you live somewhere where they won’t pay you good money to bring in your aluminum cans, you might be more interested in recycling them.  As such, you know that it’s a good idea to crush said cans first to make them easier to transport, and to make it so you don’t have to haul them in near as often because you can get more in a trash bag.  Enter the Zertronix Automatic Aluminum Can Crusher, a spectacular prototype of a device that runs on a rechargable battery and crushes cans. For another cool invention that will completely change the way you cook, take a look at our review of the TasteTro spice system too.

We’ve all see can crushers before, but precious few of them that are both automated and designed specifically to be included in a household’s decor.  We’ve seen some thyroidal monsters before and they do the job, but you wouldn’t want one in your kitchen.  The Zertronix model, however, is a simple, sedate black job and looks good with most any decor. It won’t look out of place sitting alongside your best salt and pepper shakers.

And word is this little fella can go the distance in terms of battery life too, surprising since it’s a can crusher.  It’s still apparently in the design phase, so call this a concept for now.  But I don’t know if it’ll ever replace the good old fashioned stomp or even more old fashioned forehead crush or still more old fashioned two flat rocks.