Radius Garden Lawn Garden Shovel Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Root Slayer from Radius Garden is an excellent lawn garden tool that helps get rid of roots, and weed. It can easily cut through soil thanks to its inverted v-shaped tip. This garden shovel is made from durable carbon steel and is powder-coated for protection against corrosion.

Why We Like It – Radius Garden Lawn Garden Shovel

The Radius Garden Root Slayer digging shovel features a serrated shovel design with an inverted V-shaped cutting tip. This helps cut through roots, dirt, and weeds with ease. It features a powder-coated carbon steel blade for durability.

  • Serrated shovel design
  • V-shaped cutting tip
  • Carbon steel blade
  • Needs regular sharpening


Unlike most garden shovels, the Root Slayer has an inverted V-edge that makes it easy to cut through roots and hard soil. The sides of this shovel has grooves like a saw, which makes it easier to cut through weeds and roots, including bigger roots. The V shape ensures that your force is targeted at a point, allowing you to easily dig. It also makes the digging more precise. Furthermore, the powder coated carbon steel blade will not chip or corrode. Also take a look at the Sun Joe SPX3000 pressure cleaner.

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Most garden tools, such as shovels, have a round shaped head. However, this particular shovel has a V-shaped tip that makes it easier to dig. The blade is made from durable carbon steel and has a long handle. The tool has saw-like design on the sides of the blade, and features a wide foot placement. This ensures that the shovel doesn’t slip under your shoe when digging. You’re going to need something to move all the dirt and weed. Check out the Worx Aerocart 8 in 1 Lawn Garden Wheelbarrow.

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This digging shovel is slightly overpriced, but you do get better build quality and features when compared to other garden tools. It has a carbon steel blade that’s powder coated to protect from corrosion and breaking. The blade also features a saw like design that lets you cut through roots. Unlike most garden shovels, this gets a unique V-shaped head and a long handle that makes it easy to dig through soil. Also try the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Lawn Garden Pool Cleaner.

Radius Garden Lawn Garden Shovel Wrap Up

The Radius Garden digging shovel is an excellent tool, although a little overpriced. It has a serrated shovel design that makes it easy to cut through roots, and also gets a V-shaped head for better digging. The carbon steel blade works well and does the job, but does require frequent sharpening.

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