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The OXO Grips Purpose Scrub Brush from our list of the Best Bathroom Cleaner is a cleaning brush fit for your kitchen or bathroom. The stiff bristles on this brush help you eliminate any grim building up in your home. If you have any issue with this brush OXO will ensure that you are taken care of.

Why We Like It – OXO Grips Purpose Scrub Brush

The OXO Grips Purpose Scrub Brush is the optimal tool for maintaining an area in your home free from any grime. This scrub brush has a non slip brush so it can be securely in your hand the moment you start brushing away. It won’t break the budget, so you can buy a couple of them in different styles for different areas in your home.

  • Soft comfortable non slip grip
  • Stiff bristles that tackle dirt
  • May need to replace after some extended use


OXO has developed many styles of the OXO good grips brushed to ensure that you have the type of brush you need. There is an all purpose brush, a corners and edges style, grout, and heavy duty design. These brushes are inexpensive enough to buy a set for your specific needs. If you enjoyed this brush, you may enjoy other products such as the homitt electric scrubber replaceable extension.


Brushes like the OXO good grips are built with contoured handles that help protect your hands from bruising while using. The stiff bristles are strong enough to take on tough stains in your home. While using the brush, the non slip handle will help keep the brush in your hands while you scrub away at the stains. If you would rather see some brush fit for cleaning toilets, you might want to check out the Clorox ToiletWand Disposable Toilet Bathroom Cleaner.


If anything goes wrong with your brush, OXO is willing to replace it or repair your brush which extends the life of this product. It is not expensive at all, and you can buy yourself a couple of brushes and you can give away some as a housewarming gift if you want to. In case you did not like this design, another model that you may like is Drillbrush Power Scrubbing Bathroom Cleaner Kit which is specially made for the restroom.

OXO Grips Purpose Scrub Brush Wrap Up

Thanks to the unique design, the OXO Grips Purpose Scrub Brush is an award winning brush because it provides enough ergonomic value to its consumers. With this non slip grip, you can focus more on cleaning stains on the carpet or bathroom instead of trying to grip the brush the whole time.

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