Luxier Ceramic Bathroom Sink Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re in the market to remodel a small bathroom or vanity space, the Luxier Ceramic Bathroom Sink has a solid argument to make as an addition to your list of bathroom essentials. While smaller in size, it makes up with its durable ceramic construction. With its bright white finish, you can get it to fit in just about any color scheme without fail, making it one of the best bathroom sinks to incorporate into crazy-colored spaces.

Why We Like It – Luxier Ceramic Bathroom Sink

The Luxier Ceramic Bathroom Sink,a sleek European-inspired luxury modern contemporary ceramic vessel sink, fits beautifully in a small vanity space due to its size and ability to match most color schemes. You can also clean it with ease, using the right tools and cleaning agents. Read more about a good sink cleaning tool at the Meco electric scrubber rechargeable replaceable review.

  • Fits well in a simple bathroom vanity
  • Durable, ceramic construction
  • 2-year warranty
  • No overflow drain hole
  • Bland, white finish


The Luxier Ceramic Bathroom Sink isn’t winning any awards for performance any time soon—but by no means is it bad. It isn’t large enough to be doing any kind of cleaning, nor big enough for a quick rinse to your hair after applying your dye ( learn more about a good hair dye by reading the light brown Henna beard hair review); instead, it serves as an adequate basin of water for washing hands, freshening up, brushing teeth, or for vanity projects. You can also tell by the single hole at the bottom, this sink isn’t exactly prepared for heavy use considering it doesn’t have an overflow drain hole.


Aesthetically speaking, the bland, white finish of the Luxier Ceramic Bathroom Sink is nothing to write home about, while the Tempered Vessel Bathroom Vanity Frosted is sporting multiple finishes. It’ll match most color schemes. Design-wise, it’s an above the counter sink, like a combination of the Vccucine Rectangle Counter Porcelain Bathroom and Kingo Home Counter Porcelain Bathroom—square in shape, but can be seen. That doesn’t stop this sink from being durable, considering ceramic sinks are known for that. The best faucets for matching with the Luxier Ceramic Bathroom Sink are: brushed nickel, rubbed bronze, and chrome.


The Luxier Ceramic Bathroom Sink appears to be a low maintenance vanity sink. It’s made of ceramic, yes—but that merely extends its durability, which is always a welcomed feature. Considering its design outweighs its usefulness, and it’s more of a work of art than anything, its asking price of $52 is right on the money. It isn’t a centerpiece, but it will certainly fit in any remodeling project you had in mind for your bathroom, and at an affordable price. This is in addition to its 2-year warranty, which is a nice touch.

Luxier Ceramic Bathroom Sink Wrap Up

Regardless of its lack of overflow drain and bland, white finish, the Luxier Ceramic Bathroom Sink is designed to be a part of a vanity project. It isn’t so big that it can be used for dyeing hair or cleaning clothes, but it’s adequate enough to be of use when preparing for the day. It will even last a while thanks to its ceramic construction and 2-year warranty.

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