How to Turn Off Your Webcam

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Updated February 10, 2023

Having one of the best webcams is great, but are you protected against actual webcam spying? Knowing how to prevent hackers from getting administrative access to your webcam is crucial, so you should know how to turn off your webcam. Otherwise, you could have a problem on your hands, even if your privacy settings are fully enabled.


  • Unplug your webcam if you have an external model. This will altogether disable the webcam.
  • For built-in cameras, open up the device manager on your computer.
  • Once the device manager is opened, navigate to “Imaging Devices.” From there, find your webcam in the list of devices.
  • Right-click on your webcam and select “Disable.” This will turn it off.
  • Take a dot of tape and put it across your webcam’s lens.

How Do I Turn Off My Webcam?

You can tell your webcam is still on if you can see that tell-tale webcam light. However, sometimes hackers can work around this and turn on your webcam without the light displaying. It is because of this that knowing how to turn off your webcam entirely is crucial.

Insider Tip

Putting tape over your webcam lens can foil the attempts of hackers to spy on you through your webcam.

If you already know how to turn on a webcam, this process will be just as easy. Of course, this will vary depending on whether you have an external or integrated webcam. Either way, you’ll know how to ensure it is safely turned off after reading this article.


For those with an external model, simply unplug and disconnect your webcam altogether. For those with an integrated webcam, the process is a little trickier. The first thing you want to do is open up the device manager.


Next, navigate to “Imaging Devices” and find your webcam in the device list. Right-click on this option. You’ll then be able to choose “Disable Device.” There might also be an option to disable your webcam by using the webcam settings.


Failing to disable your webcam can open you up to hackers.


It’s also important to know how to secure your webcam completely. For extra security, take a piece of tape and put it over your built-in webcam’s lens. Electrical tape works the best because it’s opaque, which ensures that nothing can be seen through the camera.


Your webcam should be secured now. Next, you might want to look into how to test a webcam to fully understand how to use it.

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How to Turn off Your Webcam FAQs

How can I find the device manager on my computer?

You’ll want to go down to the search bar in the bottom-left corner of your screen. From there, simply type “device manager” into the search field and hit the enter key.

How does a webcam connect to a computer?

That depends on the model of webcam you have. However, most of them will use a USB port if you have invested in an external webcam.

How can I clean a dirty webcam lens?

If your webcam lens is dirty, you won’t be able to get a clear image when video chatting. Simply use a little lens cleaner and a microfiber cloth to remove any smudges or dust to clean your webcam lens.

Can I change my webcam settings?

Yes, and you’ll typically do so through your webcam’s program. Most of them have a settings app or something similar. Otherwise, you can use whatever app you’re video calling on.
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