Holikme Attachment Scouring Scrubber Cleaning Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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89 Expert Rating

The Holikme Drill Brush Set comes with eight brushes that not only do wonders for your bathroom but your kitchen as well. They’re affordable, but the drill is sold separately if you don’t already have one. If you don’t, the drill will be the biggest expense you incur. Check out our best bathroom power scrubber list for more great power scrubbing options!

Why We Like It – Holikme Attachment Scouring Scrubber Cleaning

The Holikme Drill Brush Power Scrubber won’t scratch the surfaces of your bathroom or your kitchen thanks to its nylon bristles. It comes with eight brushes for all manner of tasks and are easy to tell apart thanks to them being different colours. You can also just check the website for details!

  • Also Cleans your Kitchen
  • Attaches to Most Drills
  • Great Customer Reviews
  • Doesn’t Come with a Drill
  • Heavy


The three shapes of brushes that come with the kit can clean the entirety of your bathroom, from bathtub to grout, without leaving a scratch thanks to the nylon bristles. The scouring pads can also clean your kitchen, from oven to pots and pans. Not many scrubbers have dual-functionality like this so it’s very nice to see. The smaller attachments are even great for cleaning mold that gets into hard to reach places! But if you want something more focused check out the Homitt Electric Adjustable Replaceable Extension.


The Holikme Drill Brush Set comes with three medium scrubber brushes, two different stiffness scouring pads and a four inch backer. They should all be easy to tell apart thanks to them being different colours so it shouldn’t take you too long to know the stiffness of each based on colour. Though the set attaches to most drill types, make sure you know that this is a brush set and that the drill is not included. If you want something that includes the drill, go for the MECO Electric Spin Scrubber Cleaning.


The Holikme Drill Brushes come in a variety of colours including black, green, yellow, red, white, and blue. The set is also quite affordable. Retailing for only $10.00 on Amazon, your biggest expense will probably be the drill or impact driver if you don’t already have one. Drills can be a little heavy though, so take a look at the Rubbermaid Scrubber General Cleaning 1839685 if you’re looking for something extremely lightweight. Customer reviews for the Holikme are also outstanding, rated 4.5 out of 5 stars from 3,407 reviews!

Holikme Attachment Scouring Scrubber Cleaning Wrap Up

Those who already find themselves with a drill can take solace in the fact that they will be purchasing an excellent set of scrubbing brushes for an excellent price. And the best part is that it attaches to most drill types. You might want to double check with yours, just for safety, but chances are what you already have is good to go!

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