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The Hisense A4 TV offers a good native contrast ratio and black levels, making it a good option for casual users looking for a small FHD TV for a dark room. However, pro users might want to deter away from it due to its lack of 4K resolution and HDR.


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Product Snapshot


The Hisense A4 TV is a budget-level full HD TV that was first released back in early 2022, and it boasts a VA panel for high contrast and deep black levels.

Unlike some of the best TVs available in the market today, it only features a 60Hz non-VRR panel. And as for the I/O, it boasts two HDMI ports with ARC, but none of them are HDMI 2.1. Other ports include an ethernet and a 3.5 mm jack, an optical audio port, and a USB port.

The A4 sadly lacks advanced gaming features like variable refresh rate support and ALLM. And it does not have a good upscaling chip for lower than 1080P content.


our Verdict

Despite its poor peak brightness, the Hisense A4 TV is a good option for those looking for a small Full HD TV on a strict budget. It only features two HDMI ports, and none of them are HDMI 2.1. And it has excellent black levels and contrast ratio, which is great for dark room viewing.

It also features a matte coating on the screen to diffuse reflections, which works fairly well. However, its measured response time and input lags are extremely high, which hurts the gaming experience.

And it does not have a local dimming feature to boost the contrast or HDR.

The Hisense A4 TV only has a 1080P resolution and lacks a good upscaling chip. But it does come with a remote that features a built-in microphone.

ReasonS to Buy

  • Excellent bright VA LCD panel for its range
  • Great black levels thanks to the VA screen
  • Good reflection handling with a matte display coating
  • Does not suffer from screen blooming related issues
  • Remote with built-in mic for user voice control
  • Smooth Android TV interface and stutter free operation
  • Preinstalled gaming mode for a good gaming experience
  • DTS Virtual X for surround audio through ARC
  • Built-in Chromecast module for seamless wireless video casting
  • Full and extensive Amazon Alexa voice assistant compatibility

Reason to Avoid

  • Only two HDMI ports; lacks HDMI 2.1
  • Horribly slow VA response time and input lag
  • Lacks local dimming of any form; edge-lit panel
  • Lacks a good upscaling chip for its panel
  • Cheap plastic build of the included voice remote
  • Extremely narrow vertical and horizontal screen viewing angles
  • High input latency even through the HDMI ports
  • Completely lacks HDR support and Dolby Atmos audio
  • Only a Full HD 1080p display, Lacks 4K
  • Does not have a variable refresh rate screen

Hisense A4 TV Specs

Backlight TypeBacklight TypeDirect Lit
Display TypeLED
HDMI Inputs2
LED Panel TypeLED Panel TypeLED
Max Resolution1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Screen size40"
Smart PlatformSmart PlatformAndroid TV

All Specs

Test Results

Color Gamut % (DCI P3 xy)0
Color Gamut % (DCI P3 uv)0
Color Gamut % (Rec 2020 xy)0
Color Gamut % (Rec 2020 uv)0
Color Gamut % (sRGB)0
Color Gamut % (Rec 709)0
Color Gamut % (BT.2020)0
Color Gamut % (Adobe RGB)0
Color Gamut % (BT.709)0
Contrast Ratio (x:1)0
SDR Brightness (nits)0
HDR Brightness (nits)0
Input Lag (ms)0
Response Time (ms)0
Color Washout (Degrees)0
Color Shift (Degrees)0
Brightness Loss (Degrees)0
Reflections (%)0
Low-Freq Extension (Hz)0
Freq Response StdDev @ 70db0
Freq Response StdDev @ 80db0
Weighted Total Harmonic Distortion @80db0
Intermodulation Distortion @80db0
EOTF (600 nit delta)0
EOTF (1000 nit delta)0
EOTF (4000 nit delta)0

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