DIY “Hidden Pool” Disappears Under Grass-Covered Top (video)

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Updated June 27, 2022

Having a pool in your backyard is awesome, but not many homeowners agree. There are some who think having grass and room for kids to play is way more important. While there are some house lots that actually offer both, many backyards only allow for one (or a very, very small space with grass if there is a pool).

Israel-based engineer Gil Klar wanted a pool, while his wife wanted a yard. Instead of settling for one or the other, in 2013 the engineer built himself a “hidden pool” that features a retractable top that’s covered with synthetic grass. Now his backyard has BOTH a yard and a pool! When he wants to take a swim, he just pulls back the retractable grass cover and then puts it back when his wife wants a yard. He even provides video of how he created pool so that you can go out and do the same…that is if your wife will let you.

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