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If you’re looking on the market for the best smart home devices, you already have ample reason to check out Gosund Mini Smart Plugs. These small devices, when plugged into an outlet, expand whatever device is plugged in into smart devices. Got an old lamp from the 1950s? Plug it into a Gosund Smart Plug and it becomes controllable with voice or app—even remote control.

Why We Like It – Gosund Smart Plug

The Gosund Smart Plugs easily bridge the gap between smart home devices and affordability with their easy-to-use design and performance.

  • Includes 4 plugs
  • Control with voice or app
  • Easy setup
  • Doesn’t support Apple HomeKit


Having the ability to make just about any device a smart home device is pretty fantastic. Through the Smart Life app, you can set the Gosund Mini WiFi plugs on a schedule, cutting the power to the devices at specific times. Alternatively, you can place those devices on a timer.

The real kicker is making use of voice control. With devices like Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home, you can link your smart plugs with voice assistants—Amazon Alexa Google Assistant—which gives you access to voice commands. However, it does not work with Apple HomeKit. Siri is off the table.

The entire package makes home automation a breeze—especially when paired with an Echo Show 5 and a Google Nest Learning Thermostat.”


Arguably the best part about the Gosund Smart Plug is how small it is. You won’t be disrupting any nearby plugged-in devices with these smart plugs. Not only is the Gosund Smart Plug small, you get four in the entire package! That makes it really easy to add a handful of important devices to your smart home arsenal.

On that same note, the Gosund’s smart WiFi plugs are simple to install. You don’t have to juggle wires—none of that. You simply plug it into a nearby outlet, press the power button, and set it up with your smart home device.”


Gosund developed a really easy to access smart home plug capable of streamlining a few devices into your smart home infrastructure. With how well it performs, all the features available, and its easy-to-install design, The Gosund Smart Plug has superb value. This is especially true when you consider you get four in a package, which sweetens the deal exponentially. Not to mention setting up this smart plug Gosund with the Go Smart app, allowing full control of appliances from one location.

Gosund Smart Plug Wrap Up

The Gosund Smart Plugs provide the easiest way of dabbling into a smart home infrastructure. This plug-and-use design makes it so just about any device plugged in can be controlled remotely, and you get a total of four to start. Create schedules and timers with an app or your voice. It doesn’t support Apple HomeKit, but Alexa and Google Assistant are more than enough.

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