Furrion TV Review

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Updated January 25, 2023
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Our #2 pick for the best outdoor TV is the Furrion TV. With its weatherproofed materials, it can withstand the elements and is perfect for watching sports and your favorite shows outside. Its durability definitely makes this one of the best TVs to have during an outdoor get-together.

Why We Like It – Furrion TV

The Furrion TV is fully protected from the elements, with a sealed media console in the back to keep its input ports protected. It comes with a waterproof remote control and has an anti-glare LCD screen that’s brighter than any standard indoor TV. And if you need a TV for your RV, be sure to check out our guide on the top-rated TVs for RVs.

  • Waterproof media console
  • Furrion has good customer service
  • Easy to wall mount
  • Not hail-resistant
  • Built-in speakers are only okay


And HD LED TV, the Furrion outdoor television is brighter than your typical indoor TV. It has an anti-glare LCD screen that makes it perfect for watching in partially shaded areas. Its ambient light sensor automatically adjusts brightness depending on the sunlight. It has built-in fans for temperature control, and can withstand extreme temperatures, from -27F to 122F. And with 4K Ultra High definition and a 60hz refresh rate, you’re getting a fantastic viewing experience for sports-watching parties or movie nights in your backyard. Compare its features to the Sunbrite Outdoor TV. For something similar in size, there’s also the best 70-inch TV.

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This TV does not have built-in speakers, but Furrion does sell a compatible outdoor soundbar separately. Another option, the Seura Shade Outdoor TV, includes a front-facing soundbar.

Smart Features

The Furrion is not a smart TV; however, Amazon reviewers recommend adding a Roku stick for streaming capabilities. If you’re looking for a TV with built-in smart features, check out the Sony XBR65X900F. TCL’s 50S425 is a great choice for a more budget-friendly option with its Roku TV platform for streaming capabilities and 4K UHD picture quality. Read our TCL 50S425 review for more info.

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The Furrion TV has 3 HDMI ports, a USB input, and an antenna input, all in a weatherproof media bay in the back, which helps protect the TV’s ports from sand, water, and UV rays. That means you can play from different devices and consoles without worrying about damage. But, you’ll also want to know the 75″ TV dimensions, especially if you need to be able to access the ports of a large television.


True outdoor TVs are fairly expensive because they’re fully weatherproof and temperature-controlled; that means Furrion TVs are sold at a premium, though it is cheaper than Sunbrite. The real value is this TV’s long lifespan. And Furrion offers a year warranty. If you’re looking for a physically solid TV that you don’t have to replace for many years, then the Furrion is for you.

Furrion TV Wrap Up

If you want a TV to permanently install in your partially shaded backyard, then definitely check out the Furrion. You’ll love watching sports on the big screen. It has a great anti-glare screen, and can withstand a large range of temperatures. The biggest drawback is the price, but the value is in the equipment’s quality. If you want a more typical indoor TV, check out the LG CX OLED as well as our TV buying guide. Just remember that if you are going to mount the TV on the wall, you need to know how high a TV should be mounted for optimal viewing.

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