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Drill Attachment Turbo Scrub Power Scrubber Review

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The Olrom Drill Brush Power Scrubber comes with medium-density only bristles that are easy to change in and out. It is hard not to consider this handy gadget as one of the important bathroom essentials. Now, since the drill isn’t included, make sure you already have one or are willing to spend some money on one. Don’t worry, the brush heads attach to many types of drills. Check out our best bathroom power scrubber list for the best power scrubbers and see how the Olrom stacks up!

Why We Like It – Drill Attachment Turbo Scrub Power Scrubber

The Olrom Drill Attachment Turbo Scrub Power Scrubber can clean all manner of surfaces from tile and grout to shower doors and even shoes! Each brush head has a unique shape for specific cleaning tasks and to reach specific places. The bristles are made with PP-Element that make them both chemically resistant and non-brittle.

  • Easy to change brushes
  • Medium-density bristles to avoid scratching
  • Comes with 3 brushes
  • Drill Not Included
  • Only medium density bristles
  • Bristles fly off after use


Olrom’s nylon power brushes transform your cordless drill into a powerful cleaning machine that cleans all manner of bathroom surfaces such as tile grout, shower door, carpet, porcelain, and even dirty shoes if you so desire. Just remember that the drill is not included. When it comes to bathroom surfaces, in case you want to install a new faucet, consider reading the Delta Windemere db3596lf bathroom faucet review. And if you want a scrubber with all the necessary attributes ready to go, check out the MECO Electric Spin Scrubber Cleaning. It’s also easy to change brushes on the Olrom thanks to the stainless steel quick change shaft.


The Olrom Scrub Brush’s brush heads all have a unique shape and size. This allows the heads to get into hard to reach areas like baseboards and corners. Although the brushes themselves are lightweight, a drill certainly isn’t. Check out the Rubbermaid Scrubber General Cleaning 1839685 if you are searching for the lightest possible power scrubber. Each brush on the Olrom Bathroom Cleaning Brush is also of medium density to avoid scratches and damages to whatever you’re cleaning. This is good, but it would have been nice to include some soft or harder bristle attachments too for a more thorough cleaning.


The Olrom Scrubber Brush uses the highest quality PP-element to manufacture their brushes to make them chemically resistant and non-brittle. However, the nylon bristles come flying off after one or prolonged use according to many customer reviews (even the good ones) so be prepared for a clean-up. To try out a different option, read the drillbrush bathroom surfaces scrubber cleaning review. The Olrom Scrubber Brush comes with three brushes: a 4” round brush, a 2” round brush, and a long round brush. If you’re looking for a set with more attachments, check out the Holikme Attachment Scouring Scrubber Cleaning.

Drill Attachment Turbo Scrub Power Scrubber Wrap Up

The Olrom Cleaning Kit may not come with a drill, but then again neither do any other kits, so you can’t really hold it against them. The bristles will fly off though. There’s enough customer reviews to confirm this. A minor inconvenience, the bristles are small after all, but still something Olrom should seriously consider fixing.

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