The Darth Vader Toaster Gets An Upgrade

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Updated June 27, 2022


I would have to say that this is one of the coolest toaster ovens out there, way geekier than The Best All Around Toaster Oven: The Cuisinart TOB-260N1. Sure, there have been Star Wars toasters before. But those were just essentially vaguely menacing-looking kitchen appliances passed off as the dark side of bread crisping. If you want the real deal, to slot your bread into a Sith Lord’s noggin, you finally have an opportunity.

The Dark Side Of Toast

The most prominent feature of this particular toaster is the fact that it’s Darth Vader’s head.  This is definitely one of the best toasters to buy for any Star Wars fan. The whole thing, right down to the lenses in his eyes and the menacing breathing apparatus on his face, is part of this toaster. Granted, it’s a little creepy to have a severed head sitting on your kitchen counter, but hey, he is the guy who killed all those younglings.

Toast Wars

Oh, we almost forgot, it’s also a kitchen appliance! The main gimmick from the previous version has been kept; as you toast bread, one side will have Lord Vader’s fearsome visage burned into it. The other side will have the Star Wars logo, just in case you’ve forgotten what franchise your toaster actually comes from.

It’s also got all the standard features of a toaster as well. There are reheat and defrost settings, so you can actually use this in the kitchen beyond surprising your friends with a tribute to the Lord of the Sith.

Balanced Breaksith


It must be said that you’ll probably want a more conventional toaster, or a toaster oven, for some jobs in the kitchen. After all, there’s only so many times you can serve Vader Toast before people start to wonder if you’ve got a Slave Leia costume hidden in the closet somewhere. But, for hardcore fans of the franchise, and those of us who just love clever little gimmicks like this, this is a must-buy. Furthermore, this menacing-looking toaster is a great star wars gift ideas. Just be careful where you put it; after all, it would never do to place this next to your Captain Kirk cookie jar.

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