Best Cool Wallets in 2020 (September Reviews)

After more than 9 hours of research and testing, our top picks go to the ARW Slim Cool Wallet which we think is an exceptionally cool wallet. It comes in a very slim profile and US GOVT. FIPS 201-certified RFID blocking protection to help prevent skimming devices from stealing your personal data. It is very small but also packs a punch in storing up to 15 cards.

Choosing the best cool wallet could mean the difference between a nice snug fit in the pocket or difficulty picking cards. Our evaluation focused on minimalist vs. bifold vs. trifold wallets, material, size, RFID blocking technology, number of compartments, and pocket/bag compatibility. We also explored auxiliary features such as money clips and removable ID windows. Please keep reading to learn more about the ARW Slim Cool Wallet and the others that met our strict grading criteria.

Top 6 Cool Wallets

 #1  ARW Slim Cool Wallet

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WHY WE LIKE IT: This is the best minimalist wallet, featuring RFID blocking, an ultra-slim profile that holds up to 15 cards and a convenient money clip/elastic band – great for people who want quicker access to cash.

Read Full Review: ARW Slim Cool Wallet Review


  • Best RFID blocking
  • Very slim design
  • US GOVT. FIPS 201-certified


  • Back is not scratch-resistant
  • Hard to view credit cards without taking them out
  • Edges may be too sharp for some people

We love this 3.4” by 2.2” by 0.3” minimalist’s wallet’s deceptive slim and lightweight profile, weighing less than 2.5 ounces with enough space to store up to 15 credit cards, making it a fantastic card holder and wallet. It is very durable, using a combination of stainless steel and aluminum with inner elastic webbing which makes it easier to slip in and retrieve credit cards. Consider it a neat fit for front or back pockets.

Our favorite feature with this cool wallet is its RFID blocking protection. RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification Devices, uses a fiber metal mesh that surrounds your cards, preventing radio waves from identity theft machines from reading your data. Kudos for being US GOVT. FIPS 201 certified, a distinction awarded to devices that adhere to rigorous Personal Identity Verification (PIV) requirements. Try one of the best men’s V necks to complete the look.

 #2  TRAVANDO Slim Cool Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This slim bifold wallet comes with space for up to 11 cards and an outside notch, making it a great choice for people who want to slide out their most frequently used cards without opening.

Read Full Review: TRAVANDO Wallet


  • Lightning-quick access
  • TUV certified for RFID skimming protection
  • Slim, compact profile


  • Money clip may be too thick for some people
  • Inner seams could be a bit neater
  • Slight color misrepresentation with the red version

This 4.3″ by 3.1″ by 0.8” bifold wallet carries enough space for 11 credit cards and bills. It is also very durable, made of carbon fiber “leather” which holds up very well to everyday wear and tear. A stitched-in money clip and outside pocket with a thumb notch allows you to pull cash and credit cars from your pocket without opening your wallet, making it great if you only use one or two cards regularly. We like it for front and back pockets.

Kudos for this wallet being TUV certified for RFID skimming, in adherence to the German Equipment and Product Safety Act. Think of the German equivalent of U.S.-based UL testing. Specifically, its inside lining uses a specialized fabric to help prevent radio waves from skimming machines from coming through to steal data. Although not technically a security feature, this wallet also comes with a strong magnetic closure so that your cards will not fall out if dropped. This wallet would go perfectly with any of the best mens hoodies.

 #3  Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Cool Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: Thanks to a slim profile (3.5” by 4.5” by 0.3”) and 100% leather, this wallet is a great choice for people who want a wallet that will hold up well with everyday wear and year.

Read Full Review: Tommy Hilfiger Wallet


  • Premium materials, slim and lightweight
  • TUV certified for RFID skimming protection
  • Durable leather construction


  • High cost
  • Not a lot of space for many bills

This bifold wallet is really compact for front or back pockets measuring only 3.5” by 4.5” by 0.3” That’s good enough space for five credit cards and several bills along with several business cards in two hidden zip pockets. What we like the most about this wallet is its removable ID window and card slots, shaving a couple of ounces off if you have little to carry.

Thanks to this cool wallet’s 100% leather construction, it is very durable. It has pretty clean stitching throughout. Though it holds up well, it does not include the extras of our #1 pick and #2 pick ARW and TRAVANGO cool wallets with RFID blocking technology, money clips, and thumb notches to pull out cards easily. Consider this one on the classic side. For your nighttime needs, take a look at the best mens slippers too.

 #4  Levi’s Men’s Genuine Leather Trifold Cool Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This trifold wallet is on the large side (9″ by 4.5″) with a trifold closure and durable faux leather, making it good for people who prefer a bit more cushioning and protection in the pocket.

Read Full Review: Levi’s Men’s Genuine Leather Trifold Cool Wallet


  • Many compartments
  • Trifold closure for extra cushioning
  • Includes ID window & RFID blocking


  • Longer to open trifold closure wallets
  • Maybe too bulky for some people

This wallet comes with several slots to accommodate different paper types, such as six card slots, one bill compartment, and an ID window that allows for quick flashing of your driver’s license to police and other personnel (stay out of trouble!). Two hidden pockets are also included for infrequently used items, such as insurance and business cards. It also offers RFID security. We love the all-around good balance with this wallet, fitting well in a bag over front and back pockets with a bulkier build.

This cool wallet is very durable, made of genuine leather which can hold up very well with scuffs and moisture. It also uses a trifold closure, providing extra cushioning in the pocket. Note, although it is durable, it provides less quick access to your documents than our #2 pick TRIVANGO Slim Wallet with an integrated money clip. If you’re taking this wallet on your next hike,  you might want to pick up some of the best mens hiking socks too.

 #5  Herschel Roy RFID Bifold Cool Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This bifold wallet offers great bang for buck with a 100% polyester construction and the choice of more than 20 colors, making it a great choice for anyone who wants a stylish, eco-friendly wallet.

Read Full Review: Herschel Roy Wallet


  • Great build quality and affordable
  • Durable polyester construction
  • RFID blocking + lots of color choices


  • Harder to close when at full capacity
  • Flimsy cardboard reinforcement panels
  • Absorbs smells easily

This 3.5” by 4.4” by 0.5” wallet fits well in front pockets, good for multiple card slots. Unlike our #3 Tommy Hilfiger and #4 Levi’s wallets, this one does not include ID windows nor the TRAVANDOs integrated money clip or thumb notch for easy access. However, it does offer an RFID-blocking fabric liner, which helps prevent radio waves from skimming devices from stealing data.

As this wallet is made of 100% polyester, it is a great voice for people that are opposed to wearing leather. Also, like the Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Cool Wallet, it errs on the side of classic functionality and style with the choice of 20+ colors and extras like thumb notches and magnetic closures. If you don’t want to lose your style, but need to have your music, check out the best Bluetooth beanie too.

 #6  Travelambo Front Pocket Minimalist Cool Wallet


WHY WE LIKE IT: This is the best slim wallet in terms of size, coming in an ultra-slim profile (3.3″ by 4.1″ by 0.12″) and 6 slots, making this good for people who frequently use a handful of cards.

Read Full ReviewTravelambo Minimalist Wallet


  • Very slim and lightweight
  • Durable cowhide leather
  • Removable ID window for convenience


  • Cash slot sewn at both ends; cannot insert many bills
  • No thumb notches
  • Seam quality could be better

This best wallet for men comes in cowhide leather, which is weather-proof and more than capable of grinding down pockets day after day. It is also really soft, making it easy to slip in and out of front or back pockets. Four card front slots provide easy access and a larger slot in the middle allows you to stow your bills. A back removable ID window allows you to show your ID in less than a second.

This wallet is equipped with RFID blocking using silver embroidered linings that block 13.56 MHz frequency waves, used by credit and debit cards. All in all, we were very impressed with this wallet’s overall build quality.

How We Decided

In determining the best cool wallet to buy, we explored minimalist vs. bifold vs. trifold wallets, material, size, RFID blocking technology, number of compartments, and pocket/bag compatibility.

Minimalist wallets are the slimmest in size, best for people who carry no more than 4 of their most frequently used cards. bifold wallets fold once and trifolds fold twice, with trifolds usually carry more compartments and better (albeit bulkier) cushioning in your pocket.

Material is very important. We like leather, which is wear-resistant and more than suited to handle everyday wear and tear. Our #6 pick Travelambo Front Pocket Minimalist Cool Wallet is made of cowhide leather, known for being rugged and tough.

Size and the number of compartments are also a consideration. Minimalist wallets are the slimmest less than 0.2″ inch thick like the 3.3″ by 4.1″ by 0.12″ Travelambo Front Pocket Minimalist Cool Wallet and the 2.1-ounce ARW Slim Cool Wallet are our favorites. If you prefer more compartments, opt for bulkier bifold and trifold wallets.

RFID blocking technology is critical for security-conscious people. Most card holders and wallets use a special lining or fabric layer to block 13.56 MHz frequencies which are used by credit and debit cards.

Lastly, we explored pocket and bag compatibility. We recommend slimmer minimalist and bi-fold wallets for front and back pocket and tri-fold wallets for roomier front pockets or bags.

Best Cool Wallet Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Number of Folds
    Cool wallets for men come in minimalist, bifold, and trifold styles. bifolds require folding once and trifolds twice, with the main difference being the number of compartments. Opt for trifold wallets if you are looking to store everything from store loyalty cards to 10-15 bills. Minimalist wallets are reserved for people who use very few cards and prefer to preserve pocket space.
  2. Material
    We like genuine leather wallets like the #6 pick Travelambo Front Pocket Minimalist Cool Wallet which holds up very well to weather. Even our slimmer #1 pick ARW Slim Cool Wallet is very durable with a carbon fiber construction that excels with wear and tear.
  3. Size
    The slimmest wallet on our list is the Travelambo (3.3″ by 4.1″ by 0.12″). Note, the smaller the wallet, the less compartments are available to store your cards, bills, and IDs. These generally go to minimalist wallets, followed by bifold and trifold wallets.
  4. RFID Blocking Technology
    RFID blocking technology uses a specialized fabric or metal fiber mesh that blocks radio waves from penetrating your wallet to grab your card’s personal data. Specifically, they block the radio wave frequency used with credit and debit cards. Bonus points go to its US GOVT. FIPS 201 certified, RFID blocking technology, as is the case with our #1 pick ARW Slim Cool Wallet.
  5. Number of Compartments
    The greater the number of compartments, the more you can store your bills, cards, and IDs. Trifold wallets like the Levi Men’s Wallet are an awesome choice for it.
  6. Pocket/Bag Compatibility
    Generally, the slimmer the wallet, the better suited it is to sit in your front or back pockets. For tri-fold wallets, carrying them in bags is also an option. Our favorite cool wallets for front pockets are the minimalist #1 pick ARW and the #6 pick Travelambo Cool Wallets.

Cool Wallet FAQs

What is the best minimalist wallet?

Our preferences go to our #1 pick ARW Slim Cool Wallet which comes with RFID blocking protection and a deceptive, slim profile that is able to carry up to 15 cards. Plus, its carbon fiber construction offers a different look and texture from your traditional leather or fabric wallet if you are interested in experimenting. We love this for the hottest men’s wallet.

Are minimalist wallets good?

Yes, minimalist wallets provide a slimmer option for people that carry very little cards and almost no auxiliary cards such as Costco or loyalty cards. They also take up much less space in your pocket than bifold and trifold wallets.

What should you not keep in your wallet?

We highly advise not keeping any documents with sensitive information such as social security cards, passport pages, passwords, and gift cards, which could be redeemed if placed in the wrong hands. Keep it for your driver's license, a few bills, and your debit and credit cards at most.

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